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Brushes 101: Using Brushes on Layer Masks

With portrait editing in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, the most effective and non-destructive way to edit is with layers and masks. The layer mask is useless without a brush, so that is what we are going to focus on today. If you are totally unfamiliar with layers and/or masks, please pause here and check out […]

Copying Layer Masks in Photoshop Elements

Pin It I have done many beginner level tutorials lately, but today I am going to tackle a topic that is more intermediate level, but so very easy to do. What makes is intermediate is the concept of layer masks and that those who will are able to utilize this will have to have a […]

Understanding Layer Masks in Photoshop Elements {and Photoshop}

Pin It A few days ago we covered the types of layers and I mentioned that adjustment layers come with masks and we can add masks to duplicate and blank layers. I am sure some were wondering, what the heck is a mask though? A mask is a tool of sorts, which allows you to […]

Ungroup Layers in Photoshop Elements With Make UnGroup Free Action

If you have downloaded free or purchased templates and collages, you may have seen one or more grouped layers which Photoshop Elements users are unable to get access to. There are also many actions that come with the layers grouped, which makes it impossible for PSE users to access and adjust. Today I am sharing […]

Why Layers Matter

I have talked a lot about layers here at Everyday Elements. What layers are, what types of layers you can use, how to use layers and so on. However, the last time I did a tutorial regarding layers someone asked me a great question – why should they use layers? Why should we use layers? […]

Grouping Layers in Photoshop CS5

Pin It Going forward I will be doing one tutorial a week specific to Photoshop CS5 (and older versions). The technique/steps/tools may very well apply to PSE, and in those cases I will let you know. If they do not apply to PSE then I will try to provide an alternative the week after and […]

Basics of Clipping Masks Part 2

Remember last week’s tutorial on the basics of clipping masks? Today I am taking that concept a step farther and showing the different ways you can create clipping masks and utilize them. There will be no screen prints with this tutorial because our homeschool is back in full swing. Due to a much tighter schedule […]

Basics of Clipping Masks for Photoshop Elements Part 1

Pin It We are going to de-mystify the scary concept of CLIPPING MASKS today! You may have heard others talk about these elusive little masks and think “I am totally confused and have no idea what to do.” Well, now you will! This post is one in a three part series that is going to […]

Layer Types Explained

Pin It To help those new to Photoshop Elements (and Photoshop) get an understanding of the various layer types available to them, I am going to talk about the three types of layers you will use when editing a picture. Blank – no pixels, just a blank slate for you to put something on. Duplicate […]

Photoshop Elements Workshop for Collages, Cards and Clipping Masks {and a giveaway}

One of my most fun and creative workshop is the Collages and Clipping Mask workshop. I think it is a great workshop that introduces people collages, templates, cards, storyboard actions, layer styles, shapes and more. What I include with this $40, 2 hour workshop: Five free templates, for print or web, that I made especially […]