Everyday Basics Action Set



15 actions, designed for the new PS or PSE users, to help you clean edit your images, as well as enhance them with textures and prepare them for print or web.

Everyday Basics 123 Action Set $35

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    • 15 actions (listed below) for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
    • Video showing how to download, saving and installing the actions for both Photoshop and PSE
    • Video recordings for both PSE and Photoshop CS#, showing how/why to use each action
    • PDF explaining each action and a step-by-step workflow for you to use
    • Three homemade textures from me to help you to use the “Texture It” action (see below)

Actions in Everyday Basics 123 set:

Add a Sunflare…Add a Vignette…Apply Borders…Fix Color Casts…Fix Exposure and Contrast…Fix Eyes and Teeth…Fix WB or Color…Intensify Colors…Make it B&W…Make it Vintage…Resize ‘n Sharpen…Sharpen Eyes…Sharpen Image…Smooth Skin…Texture It.

Note: The download page that appears after purchasing will also have two videos for installing the actions on a Mac and on a PC (for both PSE and Photoshop). If you miss seeing those, don’t worry. You will receive an email from e-junkie, with the download link (it’s okay if you already downloaded the file) and in that email will be the links again.

From a customer who bought Everyday Basics 123:

LOVE that you did this. There are so many times where I have been pretty happy with my SOOC but wanted to pick just a few steps out of your Clean Edit Max action but would have to run the whole think and then hide some of the layers. So, for me this new set fits my needs perfectly.

The PDF explanation of actions is something that I wish came with ALL of my actions purchase. Attention to detail such at this is what sets you apart from other Tutors/Vendors out there who offer actions. Thank you! …I love the 123 and I thank you for all the time and effort you put into your work and your “above and beyond” customer service.


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