Amanda, I just wanted to tell you “Thanks” for all you do to make me better. I haven’t gotten over the hurdle of downloading and using actions in PSE, but I see how much you give to us, and for that I’m very appreciative! Hugs to you today!

Beginners Class Feedback:

“I just wanted to FINALLY thank you for all of the wonderful lightbulb moments you gave to me this past Tuesday night! Your class was FANTASTIC and I can’t wait for the next on on the 14th ! So many “ah-ha’s” and “that’s what that thing does”. Can’t wait to see my images take on just a little new life !! THANK YOU !!!” ~ Robin R.

“The Everyday Elements Beginners Workshop was a great introduction to PSE. Amanda did a good job of explaining the Full edit portion of PSE and the basics of editing pictures including Layering, Work Flow, and Actions. She was articulate and easy to understand. A definite must for new users.” ~ Stephanie H.

“The class was very helpful to me. I went from feeling intimidated to inspired in a matter of a couple of hours! You definitely need to put in the time to practice what you see and learn, but the class is a great resource for learning the fundamentals and seeing where your pictures can go.” ~ Erin J.

“The beginner class was more than I expected it would be. I went from knowing nothing about PSE to feeling confident and excited about editing my photos. She hit the basics and taught them in such a clear and concise way. The handouts and hints were just what I needed to get started! I highly recommend this class.” ~ Susan amateur photographer of 4 boys. 😉

“Thanks Amanda! Your class was great-it was the perfect pace and exactly the information I was looking for in an easy to understand format. I loved how personable you were, and felt like you really were great at responding with us as a class, and in emails. I can’t wait to take another class with you!” ~ Clarissa S.

“Amanda, I enjoyed your workshop immensely. It was exactly what I needed! It covered so much information but not too much that I am overwhelmed. Now I feel so much more confident when I open PSE. After I play around with what I learned this time, I want to take another class from you. Thanks again.” ~ Melissa F.

“Last night I participated in Amanda Padgett’s PSE webinar training. I was so excited about the fact that I could put my 3 little children to bed and then learn more about Photoshop Elements. I didn’t know how I was going to have time to take a class or teach myself with my schedule. I loved taking the class in the setting in which it was offered. To be able to ask questions as we went along was priceless. I plan on taking the intermediate class as well. Thank you Amanda! I would highly recommend this to all my friends.” ~ Elaine S.

“Your class was so very helpful, and I love your videos too. Sometimes just reading instructions & trying to put them into action can be frustrating. Seeing someone go over the steps really helps it all to just click. And having the videos as a resource to refer to is so helpful. You can really see that you take pride in your work & that you truly enjoy what you are doing. I am excited about the actions & can’t wait to give then a whirl!!” ~ Julie H.

“I felt like I got my money’s worth just from your tutorial videos and the live workshop was a good review of the material…. I like the format in which you teach the classes.” ~ Lainey M.

“Amanda, I loved the class, this was my first time ever doing an online class and I can’t wait to do more…Thank you so much…” ~ Lisa C.

“Great class Amanda. My head is FULL on info! I was quietly taking note… loved it. You did a GREAT job. I want to take another one!” ~ Robin G.

“Amanda, I can not thank you enough taken the class again for the second time was what I really needed. After the first class I was a fish out of water. But now I feel a ton better and more confident. I’m going to to definitely going to take your actions class. I just want to get the foundation of the basics down really good first. Thanks again! ~ Katherine H.

Intermediate Class Feedback

“Amanda, The Intermediate class last night was wonderful! I can’t thank you enough for the time you spend explaining everything. You go way above and beyond!!! I learned more last night, than I have learned in months trying to teach myself. I’m going to spend some time working on everything from last night, then I’…m going to take the next class. I can’t wait to see what you teach in that one!!!!” ~ Rhonda

“I wanted to take a minute to tell you that your classes are really awesome. I took a class through our local community college and after 6 weeks I still had no idea what I was doing. I have learned more in 2 classes from you than I did in that class altogether. Thank you again!” ~ Cheri H.

“The Everyday Elements Intermediate class was very beneficial to me. Amanda really knows Elements and I learned many things that will help me with my PSE editing. The class is a great value and I would strongly recommend it to anyone that owns PSE.” ~ Greg H.

“You are amazing! My head is spinning with all the info from tonight’s class. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information for such a great rate. I definitely feel like I got a LOT for what I paid! You were wonderful, covered a ton, and I really appreciate the video tutorials and the outline that you sent…being a very visual learner. =) I am absolutely excited to get the actions you talked about tonight. I’ve been using actions for several months now, but didn’t understand all the steps and felt too overwhelmed when I tried to learn more by reading online (and masks were just flat out a mystery to me!). Now I feel like I can get so much more out of the actions I already have, and I know that yours will be a huge time-saver as well! I have so much more confidence to go in there and make great pictures out of what I’ve got, thanks to you opening my eyes to all the options that I already had right here on my computer. Thank you! ” ~Elka S.

“I have been so intimidated by PS and even PSE – I’ve had PSE for several years and knew only how to do a few things with it. Amanda’s workshops have me SO excited about editing! All of her instructions are clear and concise. After just one class, and following her fantastic videos and handouts……..I now have the confidence I need to start editing in PSE! This has opened up a whole new exciting world for me!! The value of what she’s charging with what you get out of it is a STEAL!! I’m recommending the workshops to everyone who owns PSE or has considered buying it!….you don’t have to be scared of PSE any more!!! Thanks Amanda! I will definitely be back for more!” ~ Cheryl S (TidyMom.net)

“Amanda, your class rocked last night! I am still grinning from ear to ear about all the new stuff that I learned and all the stuff that I kind of knew that I could do, but you took it out of the ballpark. I am already playing with pictures and seeing such a difference in my results. I cannot thank you enough for all the ah-ha moments that I had during class and during the video tutorials.” ~ Amy M.

“Amanda! I can’t thank you enough for last nite’s class. I came into it thinking I would be in way over my head, but kept an open mind. Everything you showed us was easy to understand and at a perfect pace. And I did it without a beginner’s course or having a chance to look thru your PDF class outline. You really packed in a lot of information and you seem to be tireless. I’m left with so much new information to play with… and that’s amazing. What a deal for the price of your class! If you are still thinking of setting up an advanced intermediate class I’d love to join up. I hope that all of the wonderful-ness that you put into your work comes back to you in a really big way!” ~Susan B.

“Thank you so much for the Intermediate Class, I really enjoyed it. I was very intimidated by PSE8 & was only using the most basic functions before I found your workshops. You have opened up a whole new world of editing and processing to me. You have such a warm and giving way about you. Your teaching style is very comfortable and when watching the videos (or learning in a workshop) I feel like I have sat down with a friend. I can’t wait until I am comfortable enough to advance to the next level of classes. “ ~ Julie H.

All About Actions Feedback

“A whole new world has opened up to me in photoshop, thanks to Amanda’s, All About Actions class! I had heard about actions, but didn’t know how they worked and had no idea how to install them, so the class was perfect for me. Amanda walked us through each step, she answered all of our questions and was more than willing to help, if we had problems downloading and installing the actions. I’ve used her Deep Clean action and I am more than amazed and can’t wait to try out her other actions. If you want to learn how to use actions, this is the class for you!” ~ Debra

“Last night I took Amanda Padgett’s All About Actions class! If you’ve been curious about actions…want to learn more about them…and maybe have even tried some with little success (like me!), THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!!! And the price is right!

“Amanda covers how to download and install actions, the different types of actions, when to run them and much more. She went through many examples by running different types of actions on her own photos. By doing this, we learned how to utilize the different layers in the actions – I really needed someone to walk me through this!!! I’m SO much more comfortable working with the layers palette now! Before this class, I didn’t even know how to get an action from a website into my PSE! Also must add that Amanda has created tutorials for her classes so students can refer back to what she taught us – this is awesome!!!

A few notes about Amanda as an instructor: she is very organized with her materials; she sends emails ahead of time with pertinent information and pdf files for the class; she’s very concerned that her students are getting something out of the class and she’s extremely generous!

As a bonus for taking the class, we received several free actions that she created!!! I can’t wait to play with these actions on my own photos and see the different results I come up with ! THANK YOU Amanda!” ~ Michelle A.

“The All About Actions class exceeded my expectations and is well worth the money. Amanda is very organized and relaxed and knows Elements inside and out. It was so helpful to see the correct way to use actions and get most out of them since I really haven’t been using them to their full potential. She showed this in an easy to understand approach and I had quite a few “aha” moments. During the workshop Amanda also gave widow organization and printing tips that were very helpful as well as other answers to questions as they arose. I can’t express enough how much I learned and how much I enjoyed this class. I’m looking forward to taking more of her classes.” ~ Sherri M.

“Amanda, I had so much fun in the class tonight!!!!! You make learning elements so easy and it can be so complicated when you first open it!!! In fact, I was so overwhelmed when I first got my new computer and it did not support the editing program I was use to (Microsoft Picture it!) However, I kept plugging along and discovered a few things here and there and then I stumbled across your site and only wished I had “stumbled” sooner….sure would have saved me a lot of heartache and frustration!!!!

What a great talent you have for sharing your extensive knowledge!!!! I was worried it would be rather advanced for me but I did not want to miss out on the opportunity to learn. Thanks for making me feel right at home and answering any questions we all had throughout the evening!!!!!

Can I just say you are one of the most generous business owners I have ever met!!!! Thank you for all the freebies and resources you offer….but thank you especially for your time that you put into all your sites…your are an amazing woman with an extraordinary teaching talent, a talented photographer and editor!!” ~ Kandi A.

Collages and Clipping Masks

“I just wanted to stop by your wall today and say THANK YOU for another awesome workshop last night! The Collages & Clipping Masks Workshop was so much fun! I never knew how quick and easy it is to do collages in PSE. I’m so glad I found your site! You have a way of teaching us newbie’s how …much fun and simple PSE can really be. I love it how you break it down to simple steps that are super easy to follow and practice on your own. The video tutorials are also a great way to supplement your teachings and all the fun extra materials (templates and cards) are a PLUS too! Thank you for another fun night! I’m really looking forward to the Intermediate class next week! See you then!” ~ Ivette M.

“I really enjoyed the collage class last night. Anyone who is on the fence about taking any of the Everyday Elements classes, I would encourage you to just do it. She takes a lot of time making sure you understand what she is teaching. I learned so much more than I thought I would. The classes are an excellent value for the price!!! Thanks again Amanda! I am looking forward to the Intermediate class next week!!!!” ~ Rhonda J.

“Thank you for the Collages/Clipping class! After class, I went into pse and quickly made a Christmas card template, that looks better than the ones I was ordering from Shutterfly! So excited!” ~ Heidi Adams

“If you are new to PSE, do yourself a favor and enroll in Amanda’s classes. She speaks the language of a newbie, and I appreciate that. Her instructions are detailed…you will not be left wondering “what, how, why?” I have taken a private lesson and the Collages, Cards, and Clipping …Mask class. The free products she offers with the class and the capability to reinforce what you learned by viewing her private video alone is worth more than the price of admission.” ~ Betty M.