Photoshop Elements Workshop for Collages, Cards and Clipping Masks {and a giveaway}

One of my most fun and creative workshop is the Collages and Clipping Mask workshop. I think it is a great workshop that introduces people collages, templates, cards, storyboard actions, layer styles, shapes and more.

What I include with this $40, 2 hour workshop:

  • Five free templates, for print or web, that I made especially for the workshop attendees.
  • Five gorgeous digital papers that I paid Dawn by Design to make especially for workshop attendees.
  • One Christmas card, made by me, just for the workshop.
  • Private video tutorials that review what I teach in class.
  • Access to me for future help.

What I cover in the Collages, Cards and Clipping Masks workshop:

  • What a clipping mask is and how/when to use one.
  • How to use templates purchased or free that you have downloaded.
  • How to create collage and card templates with guide lines and clipping masks.
  • How to enhance collages and cards with layer styles, digital papers, shapes and text.
  • How to use Elements Plus to ungroup layers on templates made for Photoshop.

Last week I held a giveaway for Sarah from FotoTale Designs, a wonderful shop for collages, storyboards, cards and more. The winners of that giveaway are:

  1. $50 gift card goes to Theresa #30
  2. $25 gift card goes to Amy AB #6
  3. $25 gift card goes to Julie #70

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway! Sarah still has the 30% off coupon code (‘everyday30’) for Everyday Elements friends available until Friday, November 12. And, remember, if you purchase something from her shop, you can use the coupon code ‘fototale’ and get $7 off my Collages class (making it just $13).

Now for a little giveaway where everyone wins. I made this template below a few months ago and hope to soon have it printed myself. I quickly added some of my kids’ pictures in there, but will take a few different ones for the one I print.

The template is 10×20 and size for print (300 dpi), but after inserting the images, you can easily resize it to fit the web also. The words can be changed to anything you like, and you can add a solid color layer or digital paper to make the customize the background.

To download the template, go HERE. The giveaway will end Sunday, November 14th.

Comment love is much appreciated.

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  1. Thank you…..this is lovely!

  2. Can’t wait to play with this. Thanks so much!

  3. Lotta love from me, Amanda. Thanks for this awesome template (and all the other freebies I’ve downloaded)…this is just right for my four granddarlings. Perhaps it’s the economy in general that is keeping folks from signing up – or life in general. Seems a lot of people on FB work and I bet there are some who wouldn’t dare log in to FB during work. Maybe more frequent emails would help (if it would not cost.)

    I have learned so much from you and would recommend that anyone who wants to learn PSE take your classes. I was glad I did, and I’m sure they will be glad they did.

  4. Thank you so much 🙂 Perfect photo home for my four kids!

  5. Great collage for any type of pics! thx

  6. Thank you so much for the free template! I’m thinking about taking this class later on this winter, if you still offer it then. I use CS5 but I think I could figure out how to apply your instructions for Elements.

  7. FANTASTIC Amanda!! Thanks for everything you do!

  8. Thank you Amanda!! This template would make a great photo gift for Christmas!!

  9. You are Amazing Amanda! =) Thanks for your generosity and Awesome work!

  10. THANK YOU! are the classes one on one or in a group?

  11. Sadly at the moment I can’t afford your class with hubby out of work but thank you so much for the template, I’ll have great fun with it x

  12. Amanda, thanks for the template and for your continual generosity. I wish I could take the collage/template class, but I will be out of town at a doctor appointment and won’t get back in time and I’m so bummed! It’s 3 hours earlier here and I won’t get home til around 7:00, which will be 10:00 your time. I will spread the word about it though! 🙂

  13. Thanks so much!! I can’t wait to work with this template!

  14. you know I be passin’ on some major LOVE to you!!!

  15. LOOOOOVE to you Amanda! You are just so amazing, both in your work and your kind spirit. I haven’t used a template yet but have been wanting to learn how, so now I have your kind “freebie” to practice with!

  16. I so want to download this template freebie, but mediafire is not working for me…it says it is processing the download but then clicks back and repeats the cycle. help!

  17. Thanks for sharing the template! You’re a doll!!

    The collage/clipping masks class sure looks interesting – and had I not found out about it till too late today, I might have just taken it tonight! I’ll have to set up an reminder to look into it again in December. Thurs nights are great nights for me to do things like this!

  18. Can I take this workshop even though I only use PSE? I am dying to learn how to use templates, and really…I HAVE to learn because people want to order items that REQUIRE me to understand it. And I am so lost! help!

  19. Hi, Amanda, i got your email about the 40% of sale and am so excited to purchase some of your ‘retired’ classes!! I just love that I discovered your site! It has been such a blessin to me. I do have a question about the collage workshop… Does it teach you how to create your own diptych and triptych? I am really struggling with trying to self-teach myself these skills. I think even if you dont include this in the workshop, i will be purchasing it, but perhaps you would consider a future workshop to do cover crating something awesome like the free template you had previously offered (is this still available somewhere? I am a little late! ) thank you!!


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