Clean Edit Workflow Workshop

Tonight is the new Clean Edit Workflow live workshop that will teach people how to get started editing in Photoshop Elements and Photoshop, with the priority centered on getting a squeaky clean edit.

When I was asked by Rock the Shot to teach a workshop on clean editing and I said “sure thing, that’s right up my alley!” In each of my workshops I talk about getting the best picture possible from the camera, then editing it in such a way that it is “clean” and beautiful, the best possible picture and yet not have people look at it and say “Boy, that one was Photoshopped!”


A question I think many are wondering is how is this workshop different from my Beginners or Intermediate workshop? Well, it is kind of like a step between. I will not be covering all the basics I do in Beginners, but I do not get into as heavy of editing as I do in Intermediate. With this class, I diving straight into teaching a clean edit workflow.

The biggest difference with this editing workshop is that it will be hands-on. I have two pictures included in the packets, one which we will edit together during the workshop and another (the one above) for them to edit after seeing me go through it during the live session. In addition to that, attendees get the Clean Edit Workflow PDF lessons, which breaks editing steps down like a very exact recipe for them to follow.

And, for the first time, I will have open my CS5 program as well as my PSE 9. If any attendees have that program instead of PSE, I will show the same steps for them to follow but use CS5. I assureĀ  you, 100% of what I teach in my Photoshop Elements workshops are applicable to regular Photoshop.

Also, I kept some late hours this week developing five new actions for attendees of this workshop. Three of the actions will help with clean editing and two are “creative” actions that still have a “clean” feel to them.

If you would like to attend, please pop over to Rock the Shot and see the details.

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