Mobile Monday – Fish Eye Shots With Olloclip

A fun little attachment I bought a few weeks ago for my iPhone 4 was the Olloclip and I want to tell you a little about it in case it’s something you’d enjoy using too.

Weeks ago I saw these fish eye shots on Instagram and thought they were fantastic!!! I saw a comment that they were taken with the Olloclip, and when I was at Best Buy for something, I asked if they carried them and if I could demo it. The Best Buy/Verizon associate was very helpful and did indeed let me take one out and try it on my own iPhone.

I was sold as soon as I saw what the fish eye lens could do. There is another side that does wide angle and macro (although I have yet to perfect the macro aspect of it).

The Olloclip slides onto the iPhone, directly over the camera lens. This means you have to take off any camera cover/case you have in order to use it.

Right now they only have it for the iPhone 4 and 4s, but hopefully they will create it for other smart phones.


This is what you see when using the Olloclip fish eye lens. In the image below the wide angle/macro lens is looking back at me; the fish eye is facing away from me and is how I’m able to get the fish eye view of the corner of my office.

Below is a shot taken out my hotel window in Denver.

Is this lens/attachment a necessity? Absolutely not. Is it handy and fun to have? Absolutely!!

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  1. I have seen this lens but wasn’t sure about it. It is definitely on my wish list now 🙂 How cool that I can get it at Best Buy! Thanks for the review : ) I am loving my iPhone camera and Instagram.

  2. now i “think” i need one…….too cool.

  3. Awesome! I have been wanting one of these! I’m now adding it to my Amazon wishlist (hehehe)!

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