Templates, Collages and Storyboards for PSE

The vendors listed below provide free or for purchase templates, collages or storyboards that are compatible with Photoshop Elements. Fototale Designs Photo Card Boutique The Album Cafe

Online Workshops for Photoshop Elements

Everyday Elements are online workshops designed to help you learn how to use Photoshop Elements for portrait editing. There are five different classes so hopefully you will find one that meets your needs. Each group workshop lasts 2.5 hours, during which time attendees will be able to see my screen as I edit photos and […]

Photoshop Elements Tutorials

This is a post I created a not long after I started Everyday Elements. I have since grown my own tutorial index significantly. If you would like to see all the written tutorials here, see the Tutorial Index. Below are tutorials that are either made for Photoshop Elements or were made in Photoshop and will […]

Textures for PSE and PS

There are beautiful textures, veils and overlays, both free and for purchase all over the Internet. Below are places you can either download them free or purchase from a talented designer. If you need help with how to use textures, read through my tutorial on using textures and photo veils. Textures for Free: Brusheezy Free […]