Lightroom Beginners Online Workshop {and a giveaway}

Over the past few months many people asked if I would be doing workshops for Lightroom and after talking with Laura from Pretty Presets, I decided to do one for beginners and it has been such a rewarding class to teach!

As I did with my PSE workshops, I tried to develop a workshop that you could take either live or on your own, like a self-study, and still be able to follow along and finish up having a solid understanding of the basics of Lightroom.

What is included with the workshop:

  • Live 2 hour session where you see my LR screen, hear me talk, and can ask questions
  • Recording of the 2 hour workshop for later viewing
  • Extensive class notes (20 pages – almost an e-book!) that you can follow during the workshop
  • 15 video tutorials that reiterate what was covered in the 2 hour session, just a bit more in-depth
  • 11 custom brush presets (video on how to install and use them is provided)
  • $10 coupon towards anything from Everyday Elements
  • $10 coupon towards anything from Pretty Presets
  • Access to me for questions later

The self-study option includes EVERYTHING listed above, just minus the live workshop, but you have access to the recording.

What is covered in this beginners workshop:

  • Importing and culling
  • Tagging and collections
  • Editing in the Develop module
  • Syncing one or multiple settings
  • Using brushes/filter presets
  • Using presets and syncing
  • Exporting to PS/PSE for editing, then back to LR
  • Creating multiple watermarks
  • Exporting and all the fun things related to it

The first live workshop was August 7th, followed by one on the 11th and there is one more coming up on August 30th.

There are still a few spots open for the August 30th workshop, if you would like to attend. You can sign up by clicking on “Add to Cart” below. After the 30th’s class, I will not hold another live one for six weeks, so jump in now if you are on the fence.

If you cannot make it to the live workshop because of your schedule, but would like the “to-go” option, click the button below. You are prompted to download a zip file after purchase and in that file is everything you need.
Add to Cart

The feedback from attendees has been sweet music to my photo editing teacher’s ears. I think most were surprised with all they got for the cost ($69 for live workshop or $55 for the self-study/to-go option), but that is just how I like to teach – cover a lot but provide the notes and video tutorials to help reinforce what they learned.

For those who don’t already know, Lightroom is an amazing Adobe photo management and editing program that can save you loads of time if you process a lot of images. The importing and exporting function is out of this world, and you can batch edit raw AND jpg files, plus take them into PSE/PS for fine-tune tweaking, if needed. If you have been thinking about adding Lightroom to your workflow, you can get it for a great price at Amazon.


Ready for the giveaway???

I am giving away one seat in the August 30th live workshop and one to-go workshop registration! Two winners, one for the live and one for the self-study. And, on top of that, I have a few discount codes, so make sure to read through to the bottom.

To enter the giveaway simply tell me what Lightroom version you have (ex: LR 2 or LR 3) and how long you have been using it.

For extra entries you can do one or all of the following:

If you already subscribe to one/both newsletters or follow one/both on Twitter, leave a separate entry for each thing. Six possible entries per person.

Giveaway ends Friday, August 25th at 11:00 PM EST. If the winners do not respond within three days of my notification alternate winners will be chosen.

Now for some sweet discount codes for those who want to register now (if you sign up then win one of the workshops, we will refund your money).

For the first 25 people who use the code “limitedtime” it will take $15 off our Live Lightroom Workshop or $10 off the Lightroom Workshop To Go.  Once these 25 codes are gone (between the two workshop options, there is not 25 for each one, rather 20 uses that are split between the two) they are back to regular price.  Hurry! Enjoy the savings now.


Even though it looks there was only 68 entries, there were really 177. We lost some that were done after my back up but before my site was moved to Liquid Web. Luckily I have all the entries in my email and was able to print off and number.

The winning comments were made by Marcee Rodgers (live seat) and Lacy Parker (stand alone).

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  1. Merideth Shaw says:

    I have LR 3 and have had it for exactly 12 months. I use it to process all my images since I only shoot in RAW. I am sure there are so many more things I could be doing in the program. Your workshop looks awesome!

  2. Lisa Trentham says:

    I have a trial version of LR3 and am dying to learn more before shelling out the dough on the purchase. The description sounds divine and I can’t wait to learn more. I use it to fix and play with family photos and will soon be starting my own photography business shooting people on zip lines.

  3. Amanda Cameron says:

    I have Lightroom 2. I’ve had it for about a year and a half now, but have only recently started using it to do general RAW editing when I found out about the nifty sync button. 😀

  4. Deb Carter says:

    Just purchased lightroom 3 — have not used it at all yet! Thinking a beginners workshop is probably the best way to start!

  5. I’ve had Lightroom 3 since December but have only used it to import photos. Can’t wait for your class on Tuesday. Already signed up!

  6. I have LR 3. I have heard really great things about LR, but I JUST bought it. I shoot in Raw and so far have figured out the preset section a bit. Can’t wait to see more of what LR can do!

  7. Signed up for Pretty Presets newsletter. Wow, so excited for the info.

  8. Already got EE Newsletter and love it!

  9. Thank yu for all you du! CRG Photography!

  10. Lacy Parker says:

    I have been using LR3 for about 9 months & I love it!!!!

  11. Lacy Parker says:

    I am already receiving the EE newsletter, and I look forward to it every month!!!! You are AWESOME, Amanda!!!

  12. Lacy Parker says:

    I am already receiving the Pretty Presets Newsletter….love it!

  13. Lacy Parker says:

    I am now following you on Twitter!

  14. Lacy Parker says:

    I am now following Pretty Presets on Twitter!

  15. meverly naquin says:

    I have Lightroom 3.. I do a lot of photo editing… mainly my beautiful grandchildren! I also do a lot of picture taking at my local church, and enjoy that a lot! I just recently purchased Lightroom 3. I am also a Kindergarten teacher, so I know it will get a lot of use. I would love to take a course to learn more!

  16. kristina coan says:

    I would love to learn some new tricks. I bet that there are some sort cuts that I don’t know exist!

  17. kristina coan says:

    I forgot to tell you that I have Light Room 3. whoops!

  18. Have been receiving your newsletter from the very first one.

  19. Lacy Parker says:

    WOW….I’m SO excited to have won the stand alone….thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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