PRIME focus on you 2013

written by Beckie of Last month was the Prime: Focus on You photography/business workshop. If you weren’t there, let me just say that I think you missed out on an amazing weekend of learning and networking! We had four leaders this year; Amanda of Everyday Elements, Jill of Jill Jarvis Photography, Kelly of, […]

How to use a gray card

written by Beckie of What is a gray card? You’ve probably heard this term before, but maybe didn’t have any idea on what it is or even how to use it. A gray card is a small, handy tool to aid in adjusting your white balance. They can be used two different ways. There […]

Compare Photos in Lightroom 4 With Survey View

Post written by Andrea Thomas of Speechless Photography. Hello, my name is Andrea and I’m a chronic over shooter. I used to agonize over culling the 20 or so nearly identical photos I had of each pose from a session. Is this one better or that one? I like dad’s smile in this one, but […]

What is a Clean Edit?

On my workshop descriptions, and even some of my action set descriptions, I mention “clean edits” and many people ask me “what is a clean edit?” A clean edit is the result you get from taking basic steps to bring the image to the best possible look and have it still look like it came […]

Lightroom Beginners Online Workshop {and a giveaway}

Over the past few months many people asked if I would be doing workshops for Lightroom and after talking with Laura from Pretty Presets, I decided to do one for beginners and it has been such a rewarding class to teach! As I did with my PSE workshops, I tried to develop a workshop that […]

Dual Citizenship {Mac and PC}

Hello!!! I am posting for the first time via my new (refurbished) 15 inch Macbook Pro laptop. Yep, I now have “dual citizenship” …. I belong in both the PC world, with my custom built PC desktop, and in the Mac world, with this lovely little Macbook. Why the heck did I want dual citizenship? […]