PRIME focus on you 2013

written by Beckie of Last month was the Prime: Focus on You photography/business workshop. If you weren’t there, let me just say that I think you missed out on an amazing weekend of learning and networking! We had four leaders this year; Amanda of Everyday Elements, Jill of Jill Jarvis Photography, Kelly of, […]

It’s been a whole year already!

written by Beckie of I was just looking at the calendar this morning, and realized I have been writing for Everyday Elements for an entire year already (March 14, 2012 was my first post)! Wow how quickly the time has flown by! Through Everyday Elements, I have learned new things, traveled new places, and […]

The importance of networking!

written by Beckie of What is networking? It’s not just about social media (though that plays a big part in networking). I’m talking about getting out there and meeting up with people who do what you do! Stepping outside of your comfort zone, and introducing yourself to others. It has the potential to create […]

Take Time for a Family Picture

Life is short. Let me repeat- life is short. The sudden and tragic death of my neighbor and her son made me realize that while things can be going along fine and dandy, you never know when you won’t be coming back home. What does that doom and gloom have to do with the topic […]

Catching Up

Giveaway coming Monday – Photoshop Elements 10!! Wow!!! Half the month has gone by since my last post! Things have been very busy and have kept me from completing tutorials I have half written. I will get those finished over the weekend and scheduled out. In the meantime I thought I would share some pictures […]

Eating Drinking Breathing Photoshop

Later this morning I am boarding a plane to fly to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend Photoshop World, a three day conference devoted only to photography and Adobe products such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator. How am I feeling about it? I am nervous, excited, apprehensive and giddy. The decision to attend came from a […]

Update on Our Two Little Miracles

So many of you continue to inquire about Delanie and Magalita, our two resident miracles, and I so appreciate the continued thoughts, prayers and love you send their way (and my way). I thought y’all would like to seem some pictures of them and hear a few updates. They are both healthy and energetic and […]

Spring on a Farm

A picture I took about a month ago while on the backside of a pasture, where it meets the woods. Stray trees have grown up along the fence line (thanks to birds who sit and p**p out seeds they’ve eaten), but I thought it created a interesting image with little buds of leaves, the light […]

Dreaming of a New Home Office

I have a dream….. That one day the bedroom-turned-office would be well organized and functional. That the office would be a place that I did not avoid rather that I enjoyed being in and thus got more work done. That I could go there to relax and talk with friends or read a book; that […]

Dual Citizenship {Mac and PC}

Hello!!! I am posting for the first time via my new (refurbished) 15 inch Macbook Pro laptop. Yep, I now have “dual citizenship” …. I belong in both the PC world, with my custom built PC desktop, and in the Mac world, with this lovely little Macbook. Why the heck did I want dual citizenship? […]