The importance of networking!

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What is networking? It’s not just about social media (though that plays a big part in networking). I’m talking about getting out there and meeting up with people who do what you do! Stepping outside of your comfort zone, and introducing yourself to others. It has the potential to create new friendships! It also lets you talk with someone who has the same interests as you! I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I talk to my family about anything photography related, their eyes get glazed over and they’re like “Uh huh, okay, sure, I get it”, but really they don’t. That can be frustrating at times. By networking and reaching out to others, you now have people you can talk to about anything photography related! 🙂

My first real experience with this was last year when I met Winnie. I started following her photography page and then she followed mine. We got to messaging back and forth on Facebook and discovered that we only live 30 minutes from each other! (It really is a small world!) I needed a model for one of the gear posts I was working on, so I boldly stepped out of my comfort zone and asked if we could meet up and if she would be willing to be my model for a few pictures (of course she said yes!)! Fast forward to today, and I am having lunch with Winnie and Tracy (another gal who stepped out of her comfort zone and flew across the states to meet Winnie, and then come have lunch with me)! Networking can create lasting friendships!

My second experience with this was when I flew out to help Amanda with the PRIME workshop last September! Was I nervous? Heck yes! But it was so worth it!! I met some really amazing women on that trip that I know I will be lifelong friends with! I had so much fun helping out with PRIME, and while I admit, it was difficult for me to be an extrovert when I’m normally introverted, I can tell you that each one of the ladies that I met made it easy!

While I wasn’t intending for this to be a plug for the next PRIME workshop, I think I’ll run with it! 😉 The next PRIME is scheduled for September 13-15 this Fall. If you are contemplating attending, but are unsure because you are nervous about meeting new people, let me tell you, it is SO worth it to go! You will leave there not only with new information on all things photography related, but you will also leave with some new, amazing friends!!

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  1. And ME!!! I know I consider you a great friend I’ve made from networking!
    Can’t wait to see you at Prime! 🙂

  2. I love the resources you provide – Your site is my first stop when I have a question about Photoshop Elements. So glad I found your site!

  3. I couldn’t agree more 🙂 I made some great friends at the PRIME workshop including Beckie 🙂

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