Dreaming of a New Home Office

I have a dream…..

That one day the bedroom-turned-office would be well organized and functional.

That the office would be a place that I did not avoid rather that I enjoyed being in and thus got more work done.

That I could go there to relax and talk with friends or read a book; that it would be a sanctuary for me.


Making that dream a reality will take….

Paint and area rug

New desk and office chair

Sitting area for entertaining

Shelves for organization

Curtains, lamps and other minor decorations



To remodel office in less than three weeks on a budget of $1000. Can it be done? Keep an eye on The Inspired Room, where Melissa will be documenting the process with pictures and information as I attempt the remodel.




About Amanda

I am passionate about helping others learn how to use their DSLR cameras and editing programs. More information about me can be found at my About page, or by visiting my personal blog.


  1. Good luck with your new home office. I love my office and I don’t spend nearly as much time in there as I should. I plan to get good use out of it this month (and next) and I write two ebooks.

    I’ll be checking back to see how your progress goes! I love DIY home design/decor.

  2. How fun, Amanda! I can’t wait to see the progress, and of course, the end result!!

  3. oooh, can’t WAIT to see what you guys do!! This is GREAT!!

  4. That might inspire me to work on my studio. I only painted the walls and got some shelving and now I can’t commit ;o)

  5. Love your blog….but I have been waiting MONTHS for your office to be completed….and can not find any more info…did you finish it? can we see it?


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