Spring on a Farm

A picture I took about a month ago while on the backside of a pasture, where it meets the woods. Stray trees have grown up along the fence line (thanks to birds who sit and p**p out seeds they’ve eaten), but I thought it created a interesting image with little buds of leaves, the light hitting it, and the green pasture beyond.

Composition and subject are not all that, but I was drawn to the image many times in Organizer, so I decided to give it some PSE love. After that I just kept looking at it, despite its problems, so I thought I would share it here. Not everyones cup of tea, but a few may like it as I do.

For those curious: minor tweaks were done and then two textures (one Florabella and one Kim Klassen) were applied.

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  1. A beautiful image! Love it!

  2. AJCoombs says:

    I Love this!! Just Beautiful!

  3. this is a gorgeous image. It reminds me of a watercolor. Sometimes the simplest of images make the most beautiful images. Thanks for sharing !

  4. Nice image! I like the light in the background

  5. I love it. I need to get out with my camera more. I am “stuck in a rut.” I haven’t had the camera out for just taking pictures in awhile–buried under school work, obligations, and all that. Maybe this afternoon after the egg hunt and the sun comes out.

  6. Sarah Swan says:

    i absolutely love this! the colors. the composition. the textures. i am definitely drawn to it too! great shot!

  7. I think it is a great photo…I love it! It would be a great photo to put a bible verse or some encouraging words on. I am new at photography and really love playing with depth of field. I enjoyed your photo…Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I love it! I love it because you love it, too. I wonder what about it kept capturing your attention. Thanks for sharing!

    • I don’t know. I think the colors and the barb wire at the bottom. I’m a sucker for barbed wire. LOL Good thing I ended up on a farm. 😉

  9. Problems – what problems? It’s beautiful!

    • Betty, the picture isn’t quite balanced, something is a little off. That is okay, I figured if it kept drawing me back, then maybe it wasn’t half-bad. LOL

  10. I think it’s beautiful.

  11. Debbie T says:

    simplistic beauty……thanks for sharing !

  12. I think it’s stunning!

  13. Beautiful! How did you process this? Is it a texture?

    • Sandy, I did a Levels adjustment to brighten the fence post and did a gradient to make the blue sky a little bluer, then added one Florabella texture and one Kim Klassen.

  14. this is gorgeous! I have similar photos from where we used to live and I will have to try doing something like this!!!

  15. love the colors in the background!

  16. This is a lovely shot. Great lighting.

  17. Beautiful! I love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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