Update on Our Two Little Miracles

So many of you continue to inquire about Delanie and Magalita, our two resident miracles, and I so appreciate the continued thoughts, prayers and love you send their way (and my way). I thought y’all would like to seem some pictures of them and hear a few updates. They are both healthy and energetic and […]

A Special Interview and New Photoshop Elements Workshop

Two exciting things are happening for me this week and I wanted to share them with you. Yes, they are totally unrelated but I will tie them together, have faith! 😉 Last month I was contacted by Moms Who Click about doing an interview with me. I was shocked, floored, scared and incredibly honored. I […]

The Flashbus Workshop {a review}

I have been wanting to learn more about flash photography so Monday I skipped out on my motherly and wifely duties and attended the Flashbus workshop in Durham, North Carolina with my sweet sister-turned-partner-in-camera-equipment-addiction, Kirstie. The “Flashbus Tour” is a traveling workshop featuring two big-name flash photographers Joe McNally and David Hobby (The Strobist). Over […]

Moving Forward Monday – October 4th

Not much going on with me personally to share about, other than I am probably working too much. 😉 Don’t worry, that will slow down once I have a few things wrapped up this week. Anyway, I want to share a few things that are going on this week that I do not want you […]