Monthly Newsletter and Update on Actions

The Everyday Elements monthly newsletter went out in this morning.

I want mention it in a blog post because many people miss that I offer a newsletter and/or why it is good to subscribe to it. Like the site, the newsletter has had a major facelift and I am redefining some of its function.

Here is what this month’s newsletter and future editions will contain:

  • A free creative action – if you check out the Everyday Samples page (previously known as Everyday Freebies) you will see that I have removed all the free creative actions. From now on the only way to get free actions will be through the newsletter. Each month I will have that month’s free action PLUS access to the last month’s free action in case you are a new subscriber.
  • A monthly coupon code – a code you can use repeatedly throughout that particular month for anything I offer, except private workshops.
  • Links to tutorials – I link to all the tutorials written since the last newsletter. That way if you’re busy and cannot keep up with the blog posts, you can skim the list and see if there is something you’d like to go read.
  • Product recommendations – I get asked a lot for recommendations regarding books, reflectors, calibration, etc., so I will add a small section each month with a few recommendations.
  • Editing or photography tip – a simple tip for either editing with Photoshop or PSE, or about photography, will be provided in each month’s newsletter.

If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, see the Newsletter page, or enter your email in the newsletter section in the sidebar.

Another (small) change is that I will begin sending special announcement emails, like when a new action set launches or a new workshop is available. I promise they will not be more than once a week; I am cognizant of how many emails everyone gets and I do not want to flood your inbox.

Below is a quick example of Kitty Hawk, the free action in November’s newsletter.

It is a very straightforward action and seldom needs adjusting. It makes the colors a little brighter and cools the image just a tad.

Something to note – when you load it, you’ll see that is creates a category called EE Cooling. To make it easier for PSE users to better find actions that fit the look they’re trying to achieve, I have regrouped my actions according to what they do.

The new categories are:

  • EE Basics 123 – the new basic action set for beginners
  • EE Essentials – actions that intermediate users would use on a daily basis
  • EE Warming – actions that warm
  • EE Cooling – actions that cool
  • EE Color – actions that intensify colors or making them “cleaner/lighter”
  • EE Vintage – any actions that make images mutes/vintage/retro/aged
  • EE Black n White – actions that create black and white or brown and white versions

So if you buy any creative actions that are NOT cleaning or B&W, the actions will be put into a category so you can easily find what you need.

Those who have purchased sets in the past will be sent a coupon code for their purchase amount, to apply towards any of the new sets, should they wish to upgrade to the revised actions with new thumbnails & categories.


p.s. I have promised a tutorial on how and why to “back button focus” as well as one on the ins-and-outs of metering. Both are BIG posts to tackle and I am working on them. Back button focus will post early next week and metering the next. Any other special photography requests??

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I am passionate about helping others learn how to use their DSLR cameras and editing programs. More information about me can be found at my About page, or by visiting my personal blog.


  1. Dayna Lyn says:

    Yea!!! *clapping hands* for the Back Button Focus tutorial!!!! What about an external flash article??

    And I can’t believe I never signed-up for your newsletter?!?! Where have I been 😉

  2. Yes, Im with Dayna Lyn

  3. Love the re-categorization. Brilliant!

  4. Well I was missing it but not anymore. I just signed up! Thanks 🙂

  5. Amanda, I cant seem to download your Newsletter. I am subscribed. Love to try your Kitty Hawk action.

  6. Great share ill be back soon.

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