How to Download Pictures from Phones to Organizer

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What do you do with the pictures you take with your cell phone? Trash them? Hoard them on your phone? Do you even know how to get them OFF the phone? If you don’t, you are not alone!

This tutorial is going to seem super-simple to most, but it is a question that I’ve heard many times. Most do not realize they can download their pictures from their phone straight into Photoshop Element’s Organizer (or Lightroom’s Library).

  • Simply grab the USB cord that came with your phone, plug it into your computer/laptop
  • Open PSE’s Organizer
  • Go to File/Get Photos and Video/From Camera or Card Reader
  • When box opens up, choose the folder on your hard drive where you would like the pictures to be stored

Yep, it is just that easy!

To make it easy for me to locate pictures from my iPhone, I have them put into a folder titled such and then organized by date. After they have all downloaded, in Organizer/Lightroom Library, I then tag all those pictures with the label “iPhone” and then whatever else applies to them (like a child’s name, an event, etc).

Mac users – I hope this liberates you from feeling like you need to use iPhoto to download your pictures. If you have PSE or Lightroom, you should be using it to manage your pictures, not iPhoto, just my .02 worth.

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  1. I love that you did this tutorial! I also love the the shirt your niece is wearing. It is a favorite of my own lil girl. She must be a rocker at heart just like my girl is. Thanks Amanda 😉

  2. I just got an iphone and I was wondering how to get photos off among a million other questions I got. Thanks for the help. Valerie

  3. Ohhhh my. You hit 2 of my buttons with this one! #1 – all the photos on my phone need to be dealt with. #2 – I need to quit using iPhoto and get over my intimidation of that Lightroom box sitting on my desk (arrived a month ago). sigh…

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