Mobile Monday – From iPhone to Timeline

Hello to a new week!! I hope you all had a great weekend and captured lots of precious memories either with your “big girl/big boy” cameras or your smart phones or point ‘n shoots, whatever you had on you!

I wanted to share a picture I captured just this morning with my iPhone 4. I had just got back from taking my youngest to school (I homeschool the other three) and when I sat down at my desk and viewed out the window, I knew I had to get back up and capture that view.

Our house sits across from a barn and pasture, which has a pond at the base of the hill. Many mornings that pond will produce a lovely rolling fog over the pasture, giving it a dreamy effect.

I ran out with my phone, really only because I knew I could get a decent shot with it, or else I would have broke out the D700. Using my favorite camera app, Camera+, I was able to set the exposure so that I didn’t underexpose the grass and trees too much.

At the end of this post is a FANTASTIC video about phone photography, and the fellow in it uses a variety of camera apps which will get your really excited about the potential for street photography.

Okay, so after I took the dreamy morning pasture shot, I thought “you know, I’d like that on my personal FB Timeline cover.” I had been really struggling with what to put up there, and up until today it just sat blank.

Using the measurements that awesome Mariah fromJula Studios told me to use, I created a template and then pulled in the iPhone picture, then gave a brief description about me.

I will talk about Facbook Timeline covers later, but if you are looking for a template to use for your personal or business pages, Rita at Coffeeshop has a bunch!

The next two phone pics I’m sharing are less inspiring, sorry! 😉

Below is my desk at 1:30 AM, when I was obviously working late and decided I needed something cold to wake me up. What better than Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream….like a bite of Heaven for me.

Next is a shot of my niece, Delanie, who was critically injured in a car accident almost a year ago. So many still ask about her, how she is doing, so I figured you’d enjoy seeing her healthy and happy. Miracles do happen, she is proof of that!

The other two rugrats are my youngest two children, Georgia and Nate. They were enjoying hot dogs at their cousin’s first birthday party.

Do you have any “mobile memories” you would like to share? If so, post them to EE’s Facebook page….I would LOVE to see them!


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  1. Kim Peterson says:

    Thank you so much for all you do! I would feel so guilty about using your site and all your tutorials as much as I do except that I love your actions too so I have purchased your Coast to Coast, Black & white, and Route 66 actions. Even still I feel like I get so much more than what I am giving back. Also, thanks for the link to the iPhone video above – that was great and good inspiration. I walk my dogs everyday and often lug my dslr with me but I should make more use of my iPhone since I always have it with me anyway.

    BTW One of my photos that I had used your action on got picked as photo of the day by Derrick Story on his TheDigitalStory Flickr group. 🙂

    Thanks again… you are awesome!
    Kim Peterson

    • Kim,
      First, congratulations!!! Can you link to the image that won photo of the day? I’d love to see it, and share it on EE’s FB page, if you are okay with that (I’ll link to you, of course).

      Second, thank you so much for such a sweet and encouraging comment!! You put a big smile on my face tonight! ♥

      And, yes, quit toting that heavy DSLR And see what rockin’ pics you can take with your iPhone! And, feel free to share those on EE’s FB page too! I love pics of all kinds there!


      • Kim Peterson says:

        Here is a link to the photo… I actually shared it on your FB page right after I edited it and you commented on it then. I added it to his Flickr group and was very surprised that he picked it, but I really credit your action because my SOOC was not that great and your action saved me — which I know goes against your great advice of getting it right in camera but I have learned so much just since I took that photo (I am very much a beginner at photography and editing) and am getting better and better SOOC’s. I recently made a lot of the pictures of my daughter private because I felt uncomfortable with one “fan”, but I did leave this one up. Thank you again because I truly have benefited tremendously from your tutorials and actions. Oh, and I am amazed that you do all you do because I homeschooled my kids for many years (my youngest is 18 now) and I can’t imagine having done that and run a business like you do at the same time!


  2. What a great post! Now I just need to use the information and update my FB page 🙂

  3. love the crop on your timeline photo! I’m thinking I need to put more info on my personal timeline so people know what I “do” on the side!

  4. I’ve been wondering what to do about the whole timeline photo thingy….this is a wonderful idea and seems easy to do! Thanks for the tutorial. Now to find that perfect moment and picture!

    BTW, are you using the iPhone 4 or 4S?

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