Landscape Hacks – Tips for Photography on Vacation

Hi, I’m Susan Dusseault of Lily Fields Photography. I will be an occasional contributor to Amanda’s great teaching blog. It is an honor to join her in her efforts to educate and encourage photographers. When Amanda found out I was going to Montana for a short trip, she asked me if I could put together […]

Making the best of your cell-phone camera!

Have you ever thought to yourself “I should’ve brought my big camera.”? I know I have!! But who goes anywhere these days without their cell phone? Here are a few tips to make the best out of your cell phone camera! While I love simple snapshots, I also like to get creative with my iPhone! […]

A list of my favorite iPhone apps

written by Beckie of I have a serious addiction to photography apps on my iPhone (I have like 30+ camera/editing apps)! There are SO many different ones, how do you know which ones are the best? Here’s a list of a few of my favorites (some non-photography apps too) and why I like them! […]

Mobile Monday – SNAPshots from Trip to Utah

I have a whole lot to do today and not a lot of time to do it, so this will be short and sweet. Since I didn’t share any of my pictures from the SNAP blog conference last week, I will start doing that this week. First up are some fun and some simple pictures […]

Mobile Monday – From iPhone to Timeline

Hello to a new week!! I hope you all had a great weekend and captured lots of precious memories either with your “big girl/big boy” cameras or your smart phones or point ‘n shoots, whatever you had on you! I wanted to share a picture I captured just this morning with my iPhone 4. I […]