Mobile Monday: Shots From the Week

Editing to add that I just realized I used the wrong watermark in Lightroom 4. LOL Somehow it was on the 2011 one, not 2012 and I didn’t notice. These pictures were taken last week, in March of 2012. 😉

This week’s Mobile Monday (I’m cutting out the “Memories” part, just too long LOL), is going to be short and sweet. Just sharing a few pictures that summarize the past week at my home.

Above you see what came out of my mailbox one day last week (after I had neglected to check it for about a week). It’s hard to see, but there were like 50 letter envelopes!! Good granny! And, what is worse is that my email inbox is just about the same way!😉

My question is this….we pay all our bills online…why all the mail? You guessed it – about 90% of it was junk, of course.


The shot above is of my two younger kids, ages 8.5 and 6.5. They were playing happily together, something I do NOT see often with these two, so I had to capture the moment to savor.

What I don’t understand is this – we have grass throughout all the yard, yet they pick this patch of dirt to play in. And, we have a HUGE sandbox (like 16×16) if they wanted sand. Nope, guess they wanted good ol’ dirt. Who knows.

Above is a shot I took while on a 2 mile walk. My home is surrounded by pastures, and in the morning and evening the views are just beautiful!!! 

Day two of the upcoming workshop I’m co-coordinating, Prime, will be held at my home and shots taken from around the farm. I hope you can join us!


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