Route 66 Action Set and Tips on Using Actions

Route 66, a set of 15 creative actions, is now available for purchase!

Included in the Route 66 action set:

  • Folders with actions for both Photoshop CS2 thru 5 and Photoshop Elements 6 thru 10
  • Notes on my typical clean-edit workflow for Photoshop or PSE
  • Video to show how to use the actions in PSE and Photoshop
  • Action Install workshop for PSE ($10 value)
  • Additional “Action Group” PSE action so that you can merge the layers and adjust the one layer opacity

Now, let’s talk about using creative actions.

Creative (or artistic) actions are actions that alter the color, temperature, contrast and exposure of an image. They are designed to produce particular results, such as a black and white, vintage, urban or color intense.

Almost all of the time action designers are creating actions using images that have already received a “clean edit.” Read my post What is a clean edit to see what it is and how to do for your  pictures.

Some important things to know about creative actions:

  • Run creative actions AFTER you have done either a quick or thorough “clean edit” and saved that edit
  • Use the opacity slider on the individual layers to adjust them to suit your image
  • There are few “one size fits all” actions. Some actions will look GREAT one some pictures, then look not-so-great on other pictures

I know many of you have heard me say all these things before and you may be thinking “why is she beating us to death with this?” Well, it is because I see these mistakes made over and over. When actions are run on images that have problems, such as underexposed, white balance that is terribly off, red or yellow color casts, etc, running actions will usually only make things worse, not better.

Fix your image so it is the best it can be, but still look like it came from the camera that way, then run creative actions. You’ll thank me later….I hope. 😉

Below are some examples of various actions in the set. To see examples of all the actions in Route 66, click HERE.

[uds-billboard name=”billboard-r66-p”]


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  1. I love your new actions! Hands down you are my favorite action builder/designer, they all look natural and not over-processed. PLUS your prices are so reasonable, thank you!! (Btw, Florida is my all-time favorite go-to action that I was lucky enough to get when it was free). 🙂


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