Gear Review | Nikon Nikkor 28-85 f/3.5-4.5

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I bought the Nikon 28-85 f/3.5-4.5 AF Nikkor because I wanted a decent (also inexpensive) zoom to use as a walk-around lens for those rare times when I didn’t want to carry my entire gear bag with me. This is a great lens for someone on a tight budget!!

For the most part it has a nice smooth zoom and no lens creep! I do sense a little hesitation in the zoom between 28-40mm, but to me that is minimal. There is very little light fall-off (also known as vignetting) when shooting wide open.

The macro mode is activated by rotating the zoom down to 28mm and pressing a button on the zoom ring.  You can get as close as 10″ from your subject. The major downside to the macro mode, is that it is manual-focus only! Big bummer for me as I already have sight issues.

This seems to be a pretty sharp lens! (and I LOVE the bokeh!!) I have read many reviews stating that this lens is even better than the newer versions that replaced it! It is a slightly heavier lens. But it’s got a nice solid body! It’s a plastic shell on the outside with straight metal and glass on the inside!

This lens (now retired) was manufactured between 1990-1999. It retailed brand new for about $600, but you can buy them used from various websites for $65-$130 (I found mine on, rated EX, for $75 after shipping).

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  1. Thanks you really made my choice easier I have enough for a d800 with this lens vs d600 with a 35-70 2.8 I’m going d800 thanks to your review

  2. I just bought this lens and as it is old it does not have any instructions. Please, in front of the 3.5 marking on the barrel of the lens there is a little switch with a red marking. It goes forward and back. What’s it for?

  3. Eric Nelson says:

    It would be ice to know what film you used.Camera and lens are only half the game.
    Thanks – Nelson


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