Photoshop Elements 11 Hopeful Additions

Photoshop Elements 11 should be released at the end of September, if Adobe holds true to the pattern of the past few years. The past couple of weeks I have been thinking about what upgrades they will add to it.

Changes I’m pretty sure of:

  • ACR slider options will change to match those in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6. The ‘Recovery’ and ‘Fill Light’ will go away, replaced by ‘Highlights’ and ‘Shadows.’
  • The Liquify filter will get an overhaul and be quicker and easier to use.

 Changes which I think are highly likely:

  • Lowering opacity of multiple layers at once (new in CS6)
  • Non-destructive cropping (as in LR and CS6)
  • Addition of the Pen tool (not all that likely, but maybe)
  • Curves as an adjustment layer (one of these days I think they’ll add that to PSE)

Changes which would be incredible and SHOULD be in PSE, but not all that likely:

  • Snapshot option put in the Undo History
  • Ability to utilize smart objects
  • Make actions much easier to install (no reason for it to be as complicated as they have it)
  • Ability to record actions

Ever wonder why they leave out so many of the sophisticated, wonderfully amazing elements from Photoshop CS# from PSE?  The more they add in, the more complicated things get, which requires a higher price tag for the program. They try hard to keep PSE at a price point where most people can afford it. The other reason, I think, is so there is incentive to buy the big-boy Photoshop. If they gave you most of the functionality of Photoshop but for a tenth of the price, which one would you buy?

As with most things in life, this is about choices.

Question for you: What upgrades do you think will be added to PSE 11? What things do you really wish they would add to PSE 11?

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  1. Hmmm….just when I was thinking of signing up for one of your PSE courses! Now maybe I should wait for the PSE 11. I have 9. Kind of interested in the curves – hoping it’s coming. Not that I would know what to do with them! But they look interesting. I’m a real newby with PSE and really need the basics – that’s why I was looking into your courses. Now….to wait or not! Nothing else really interests me in the 11 but the curves probably would. What to do??? Do you think it would be a LOT more expensive with all the new “gadgets”?

  2. I would like to see them add an ability to read a Canon Camera Raw file CR2. I cannot open a raw file in PSE 9. Valerie

  3. Hi, would love to see & learn curves but the thing I’ d love to see most are improved healing tools! I ‘ve seen amazing things done with them but I can never seem to remove anything in PSE(9).

    Oh, and improving the levels adjustment would be sweet! I know in PS you can split the slider arrows to really refine your adjustment selection. (saw it done on a Framed episode)

  4. Once its out I would love to know if you thinks it’s worth the upgrade. I know there were a lot of changes from 9 to 10 that really made it worth the switch, so it will be interesting to see what they add.

  5. I’d really love to have a more sophisticated text boxing ability (where I can shape text boxes and free-form them if I want) and while I’m so used to adding styles and actions manually I can do it with my eyes shut, I’d LOVE a click and add command so I don’t have to go through all those steps yannow?

  6. I wish that they would make the ACR editor the same as the one that ships with the full version of Photoshop, instead of the limited version that comes with Elements. If it had had that, I probably would never have purchased Lightroom. Although, I love Lightroom now, so I guess that wasn’t too bad of a problem to have… I’ve heard good things about the Patch tool in Photoshop, I wish Elements had that. Having the ability to create your own actions would be really nice, too!

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