Have fun with your photography during the holidays!

written by Beckie of beckiegkengle.com

Holidays can sometimes tend to stress us out. All of the planning, shopping, cooking, baking, and visiting! Try to make it a point to take some time out of the hustle and bustle to de-stress with some fun photo time! Last year I made some mustaches-on-a-stick, and we went outside and had A LOT of fun! I knew I wasn’t going to get the traditional smiling pictures, but I was totally okay with that, because they were having a blast, and the giggly faces are much more real than some of their forced smiles! 🙂

These were very easy to make! I went to Walmart and spent about $2 on some felt and wooden dowels (you will also need a glue gun and glue sticks). I found a template online, and started cutting my felt! I actually cut two of the same ‘stache so that I could glue the dowel in between the two pieces and make it a bit stronger.

This year, I am going to cut out some red lips, a white beard and maybe even a turkey beak with a wattle! (not sure where that blue piece of felt came from, hehehe)

Get out there and make sure to have some fun during the holidays! And if you make some mustaches-on-a-stick, I would love to see your fun photos (link back here)! 🙂

Tech info: I took the mustache-on-a-stick action photos last Thanksgiving with my old D90 and 50mm f/1.4. The two images with the supplies were taken with my D700 and 50mm f/1.4.

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  1. Very cute and it looks like your kids really loved posing with them! I love the idea of cutting 2 of each pattern so that you can glue the dowel in between.

  2. Beckie, thank you for sharing this tip! I’ve seen the mustaches made from paper/card board, but I love the texture and warmth the felt provides.

    I’m showing this to my daughter, who’s a major crafter, to make for us. The kids will have a grand time!

  3. Great timing! My daughter loves mustaches right now and has been looking for ideas to make Thanksgiving pics fun with her cousins, I’m sure she will love this. Thanks!

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