Getting Started With Actions in Photoshop Elements

Actions Webinar

Recently I held a webinar on how to get started using actions in Photoshop Elements. We had a good time, covered a ton of information and had time to answer lots of questions.

I did record the webinar so that attendees could watch it to reinforce what they learned, and so that those who couldn’t attend the webinar would be able to view and learn about actions. The recording, which has always worked for me with previous webinars, did not record the audio correctly.

Ack! I was so disappointed! After walking around in a fog for a few minutes, I knew had to move forward. I recorded a brand new “private” webinar yesterday, using the notes from the webinar so that the same material was covered. And, I was able to add in information from questions that came up during the session.

Included in Sampler Set

In preparation for the webinar, I created notes (read below) and a sampler set of actions that could be purchased for $10.

The EE Sample Sets include folders for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements 11 and Photoshop Elements 6 – 10. The PSE 11 folder has two folders, one that includes the new singular action set files, and another that has the individual actions and thumbnails, should you want to install them both the new and old ways (so that they show up in your Photo Effects folder also).

Essentials Mini Set:

  • Add a Mask
  • Dodge & Burn
  • Flatten
  • InstaClean
  • Levels
  • Smooth the Skin
  • Web Size & Sharpen

Creative Mini Set:

  • Action Group
  • Alaska
  • Aurora
  • Mobile
  • Oxford
  • White Sands
  • Yonkers

You may notice that most of the actions in the Essentials mini set are ones from the Everyday Samples page. Yes, they are available for free, but not in a “set” type action which would be most useful in Photoshop Elements 11.

Included with the sampler set is a $10 gift certificate so that if you decide you like the actions and would like more, you can upgrade to the set of your choice and get back the money put into the sample set.

Add to Cart

Webinar Video Recording

If you would like to only watch the video recording (FREE), click HERE to see the playback.  Oh, and click HERE to download the notes – 13 pages of them (also FREE)!

The video is over an hour long, so when  you first go to Screencast and click the play button, it may take a few moments to buffer. It took mine about 30 seconds last night, so you may have to wait a bit but it will play.


Next Free Webinar

Join me this coming Sunday from 5:00-6:15 PM EST for a free webinar on LAYERS! This will be for both Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS.  Register by Sunday afternoon and be ready to learn!

Important Note: make sure you know what time the webinar is for you. The time above is Eastern Standard Time.

  • Central: 4:00 PM
  • Mountain: 3:00 PM
  • Pacific: 2:00 PM
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  1. Laura Kulinich says:

    Hi! I’m interested in this webinar but am a bit it free but before you watch you can pay $10 to upgrade the actions that come with the free webinar?

    • Laura,
      I’m sorry the post wasn’t more clear.

      No actions “came” with the webinar. During the webinar I announced the sampler packet, with a link to where to buy it. It was $10 for the webinar attendees, IF they choose to buy it.

      There is a $10 coupon code in the sampler packet, so should you decide you like them and want to get a full set, you can get $10 off. Several people who’ve tried the sampler set have already done just that.

      Does that answer your question? If not, please let me know. I am sorry it was vague.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I’m new to EE and tried was subscribed to view the webinar last Sunday but when I went to view the webinar, it kept saying I couldn’t view it. I also tried installing the Java update it said I probably had outdated, but when I did, it didn’t change the fact that I couldn’t view it. So THANK YOU for posting this copy of the webinar. Also, I am interested in purchasing the $10 sampler packet but don’t know how to do that.

    • also, I’m subscribed to tomorrow’s webinar, so i hope maybe tomorrow it will work (never could figure out what was wrong) 🙁

    • Meredith,
      I am so sorry you had trouble viewing it. I don’t know what to recommend other than trying out the app they have for smart phones and tablets (see a comment below). I know it’s the ideal, but it’s a work-around. I will be recording the Layers webinar also, so if it doesn’t work on your computer again, at least you can watch the playback.

      About purchasing the sampler set. Follow the link below and you will be good to go. After purchasing, it will prompt you to download the file. Save it to a safe location and then follow the instructions in the webinar recording.

  3. I actually watched the webinar first run on my iphone through the GoToMeeting app while we were on a road trip. Worked beautifully!!!
    Can’t wait for tomorrow, since I’ll be home and have a computer! ^_^

    • That is wonderful to hear! Thank you for letting me know. I will mention that as an alternative for those who have trouble with the meeting playing on their computers.

      “See” you tonight!

  4. I am not able to get this to open:
    Is this the right URL?

  5. Newby here….Im using PSE 10. There were two action folders, sample set and mini creations., Could only down load the sample set. Am I suppose to be able to download the second folder?? All of them are in my photo effects folder but only add a mask, insta clean, dodge and burn, levels, smooth skin, etc were successfully added. Also, attended your webinar on layers. Both were great and is starting to make some sense. Thx

  6. Kelly Larsen says:

    Hi there! I was fortunate enough to get to watch your webinar on January 20th and you are a complete breathe of fresh air. I’ve been a learn-as-I-go kinda gal so it’s been rough getting information from other photographers who seem to be extremely guarded with their “tricks.” Your complete transparency concerning the challenges of mastering photoshop makes your teaching totally relatable and you eradicate the intimidation that is, in all honesty, very crippling for those of us who want to learn but feel it’s almost out of our league. Thank you very much. Your genuineness makes me extremely excited to learn more via your website.

  7. I had a free day today to work on learning my PSE so sorry you have so many questions from me! 🙂

    I couldn’t ever view the layers tutorial either (I registered and tried to get my computer probs worked out beforehand, but it didn’t work). 🙁 I am watching the video now and wondered if I could get a copy of the notes for the layers video? I can’t seem to find them by searching through your blog’s site.

    Thanks for ALL the help you give us PSE users!!! So much wonderful information!!!

    • you cover it all and are amazing. Just got to the part of the video that has the notes reference. thanks. 🙂

  8. Hollie says:

    I am trying to install the actions on my photoshop elements 10… this may be a dumb question but I can’t find any of the buttons to click on, the scroll down box in the effects section isn’t there and there is no “action” under the window tab either. Have I purchased some cheap version that doesn’t have the option to add actions??? I am looking at my box, it says Adobe Photoshop Elements 10… I thought about deleting the program and re-installing it.
    Thanks for posting such great tips online!

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