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Beckie did a wonderful post last week, showing Photoshop CS users how to make their own watermarking action. Photoshop Elements users cannot MAKE actions, but they can USE actions, so today I’m sharing a free watermarking action.

To use the action, install it how you normally would (see tutorial on installing actions if you need help). Have your watermark saved as a transparent .png file (see this tutorial) and know where to find it. When you are ready to watermark, play the action.

The action will prompt you to locate your watermark, then places it on your image.

  • You move the logo wherever you like on the image by clicking on the logo and dragging to a new spot.
  • To make the logo smaller or larger, hold down the shift key to resize without losing the original proportions.
  • Flatten and save your image – make sure to save as with a different name so you don’t overwrite the original. I put “web” at the end of my file names so that I know for certain that is the image prepped for the Internet.

If you want to resize or move the logo later, hold down the alt (option on Mac) key. For some reason it changes after the original placement.

This free action is part of the Everyday Finishes set, a companion set to Everyday Essentials. If you are installing the action on PSE 10 and older, look for the action under that category (in the drop down Photo Effects menu).

To download, click HERE.

The short, two minute video below briefly shows how to use the Add Watermark action.

To be clear – you have to have created or had someone else create a watermark. This action does NOT create the watermark for you, merely facilitates the placement of the watermark.


Join us for a weekend of all things photography and editing.

Join us for a weekend of all things photography and editing.

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  1. jill DeRiso says:

    Thanks for this Amanda. I made a watermark and then saved it, clicked on the watermark action and voila! Easier than doing a new one each time! (By the way, love this photo of your daughter!) My kids are grown and I regret this was not available when my children were small. You will have such photos to treasure. But it’s never too late to learn. My flowers are my subjects now! 🙂

  2. Oh, Amanda! This is awesome. What time saver!! Thanks for continuing to provide so many great tutorials.

  3. Thank you so much. You have a beautiful daughter by the way. Which reminds me, I have not done that photo shoot I promised my daughter weeks ago! This Saturday for sure. =)

  4. So, is there an instruction somewhere on how to make a watermark? I still can’t do anything!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing another awesome action! This site and it’s amazing actions has saved me so much time!!!!
    You are stellar!

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