Lens hood tip of the day

written by Beckie of beckiegkengle.com

Where do you store your lens hoods when you’re not using them? Do they end up on a shelf somewhere, or buried in the bottom of your gear bag? Or have you just lost them?

lens hood 1-1

Here’s a simple little tip to help you never lose your lens hood again, and to always have it when you need it.

When you’re not using your lens hood, store it on your lens; backwards. Simply flip it around and screw it on and voila! Instant storage!

lens hood 2-1

lens hood 5-1

This trick will work with MOST lens hoods. There are a few that are designed differently. For instance, my 85mm f/1.8 D has an old metal screw mount, so that hood can only go on one way

lens hood 6

(I apologize for the less-than-stellar image quality. I only have this one camera, so I used my iPhone 5 to take these pictures)

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  1. Great tip. I usually forget to use my lens hood. I did pack them for this weekend away. Figured I might need them on the beach. Fingers crossed for sunny days.

  2. L’ensemble de ces posts sont sincèrement attrayants

  3. I did not know this and always have a hard time getting it back in my camera bag. Thanks for a great tip!!!!!

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