Celebrating Facebook Milestone

10,000 Facebook Likes – Oh. My. Goodness.

No one could be more surprised than me that Everyday Elements has reached over 10,000 likes on Facebook!

I started EE in late May of 2010, and created the Facebook page for it in early June. I really didn’t think many people would be interested in following and only created it as a way for workshop attendees and I to communicate. To my great surprise, other people started following it too!

With each milestone, 500 likes, 1000 likes, 5000 likes, I have been amazed, grateful and honored that so many would want to follow my blog/business page!! I have always tried to think about what readers/followers would like or want to see come through that page, and try hard not to make it just one big commercial for EE.

Through the two years EE has been on Facebook, followers have shown me incredible support…..through illnesses, emotional/mental stress, tragic family emergencies and personal/business successes.

I cannot, repeat cannot, properly express the gratitude and appreciation I feel for each of you!! Thank you for being there with me and for me through it all!!

Okay, onto be the celebration…..There are two “gifts” to you: a special discount code and a free action…read on!

Special – Limited Discounts

Good until all are claimed or expires.  **All the 60, 50 and 40% codes were taken, but I reset them each to another five as of 9:20 PM EST for the West Coasters to have a chance to snag a few.**

60% off anything at EE with code 10kEEfb60 – only FIVE available

50% off anything at EE with code 10kEEfb50 – only FIVE available

40% off anything at EE with code 10kEEfb40 – only FIVE available

30% off anything at EE with code 10kEEfb30 – available until May 2nd

If you try a code and it says it is not valid, then all of that one have been used and try the next one down.

Free Cleaning Action – InstaClean

I have been playing with a few different actions, plus need to rerelease some older ones that I pulled during the blog redesign last fall. But, I decided to do an action that would give you a very quick but effective clean edit. The layers tweak contrast, exposure, warming, color pop, plus give you a chance to whiten whites, make eyes shine and darken or brighten areas.

In the image below the ONLY steps taken to clean up the image was to run InstaClean and use a brush with a few of the layers (you can see my layers in the image below the before/after).

Click HERE to download InstaClean.

The exact layers in InstaClean are listed in the screenprint. However, I did invert extra brightness and brush only over her eye sockets and lightly on her undereye circles. I did lower the layer opacity of the Levels Bump and then turned on the Contrast Bump.

Not sure how to use the masks, what the difference between the white and black masks are, then check out my tutorial on layer masks.

I will try to come back and link up a video tutorial of me using InstaClean, just could not get it done today.


About Amanda

I am passionate about helping others learn how to use their DSLR cameras and editing programs. More information about me can be found at my About page, or by visiting my personal blog.


  1. Kathy Jugowicz says:

    I love your tutorials and you make it so easy!!! Thank you so much for all the freebies!!!

  2. Free cleaning action! You are awesome. Love your site, been spending lots of time with your easy to follow tutorials.

  3. Thank You, Amanda, I love your website . . . I have learned so much! Keep up the good work.

  4. So awesome Amanda! congrats! you know I love what all you do!

  5. Kimberly Loxtercamp says:

    Thank you, Amanda! Your site has been such an inspiration for me as I learn more about photo editing. I would be lost without your tutorials! Are the codes mentioned above active already? I just tried making a purchase but got an invalid code message. Thanks!

  6. Thank you and congratulations!

  7. Thanks so much for the action! I’ve been doing your clean edit step by step…
    Congrats on the milestone!

  8. Thank you so much and congratulations! I have learned so much!

  9. Congrats! BTW, your pictures will never load when I view your blog. I don’t have that problem on any other blog…any ideas?

  10. Congrats Amanda – and thanks for the Clean Edit action!! Your the best!!!!

  11. Thank you Amanda – and Congrats!

  12. Congrats on 10k, Amanda!! And thanks for the goodies! I can’t wait to try the InstaClean action!

  13. Congratulations Amanda and thanks for the action!

  14. Angelique Femat says:

    Thank you for your generosity Amanda. I love your tutorials and I certainly love your beginner’s PSE class. I look forward to taking more classes with you in the future.

    I was sad to read about your sweet niece and your family friends. How terribly tragic. I hope your niece is doing very well and that she has made a full recovery, or that she is on her way to making one!

  15. I have learned so much from this site! Thank you times a million and this is a great action because the more weddings I get in to the more I’m liking clean edits! They won’t go out of style!

  16. Thank you for the freebie and CONGRATS to you! You deserve every one of those likes for your oh-so-helpful tutorials, wonderful personality and generous spirit! I feel so privileged to know you and be one of those 10,000 likers!

  17. Thank You very much. Handy indeed !

  18. Kelley B. says:

    Thank you so much! I just used a 50% coupon code and ordered 2 workshops. Can’t wait! 🙂 Congrats to you and thank you for all you do for us PSE users!

  19. Congratulations on all your successes and thank you for the free action – very generous!

  20. This is amazing Amanda, thank you very much. I write a few actions myself and know the hard work that goes into this, again well done.

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