Family Emergency

Some have inquired as to my absence (those who do not follow on Facebook), so I wanted to take a moment and share all that has happened and ask for your prayers.

Editing to add that I have a Caring Bridge site for the girls, to keep friends and family updated on the girls’ progress. Stop by if you would like to see how they are doing.

On Monday, May 2nd, my 6 year old niece, Delanie, was in a car accident that killed the driver and her 6 year old son, and critically injured my niece and the driver’s 9 year old daughter, Magalita. The girls were air lifted to a hospital over an hour a way and have been in the pediatric intensive care unit all week.

The injuries the girls sustained are numerous and very serious, but they are in stable condition as of right now at Richland Memorial Children’s Hospital. For those wondering, Delanie has a bleed in her brain, swelling on the brain, fractures in her neck, bruised lung, small tears on her spleen and liver and a severely broken femur. Magalita suffered a concussion, broken jaw bones (requiring extensive surgery), broken shoulder, bruised lungs, lacerated liver and broken pelvis.

Magali and her family are close neighbors and our children played with them all the time. We are devastated to lose them. The funeral is planned for Sunday evening at my church, and we are working hard to get Magali’s mother and sister up here from Mexico before then.

I have been working as a liaison of sorts for the Padgett family, since my in-laws are the guardians of Delanie and must be at the hospital all the time. I have tried to be there to love on Delanie, but also to aid them, but yet when I come home, we are a central hub for people to come to for information. Needless to say I am very preoccupied. I do take my laptop to the hospital and occasionally have moments of quiet to try to work.

If you would like to find out more information about the accident, you can read this article and watch the video clip.

I am turning off comments because I do not want anyone to feel obligated to leave a comment. I have received a great deal of love and support at the Facebook page and do not want anyone to feel like they need to add one here. Thank you to everyone who has been so loving and supportive during this difficult time.

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