Newborn Photography Quick Tips & Tricks

Do you see all those adorable newborn pictures and want to give newborn photography a try? Here are some quick tips for working with newborns, plus links to past tutorials on photographing and editing newborn pictures.

Quick tips for newborn photography

A few newborn photography tips:

  • Get the space REALLY warm and keep it really quiet
  • Use blankets that do not show wrinkles and that do not have a sheen
  • Don’t shoot from a perspective that has the camera looking up their nose
  • Don’t get so close to the baby that  you ruin the image for certain image sizes (like 8×10 or 5×7); best to move back a bit and give yourself room for a variety of crops
  • Pay attention to the small details, like how their hands, fingers, feet are laying

Tips for newborn photography and editing

A few newborn editing tips:

  • Make Levels your best friend when editing 😉
  • Get very familiar with the lasso tool and Hue/Saturation adjustment layer for fixing red splotches and purple feet
  • Know how to smooth the skin without smoothing to the point they look like plastic baby dolls
  • Learn the blending trick for the blanket background
  • Zoom in and make sure to erase the little baby zits they have and remove the goop that is often in their eyes

I do have a baby-specific action called Baby Clean, which I use when editing newborns. Baby Clean is available in the Everyday Essentials set, but in October I will have a new set especially for editing babies.

If you want to delve deeper, here are some Everyday Elements posts written on photographing and editing newborns:

**Special thanks to Lisa from A Piece of Lisa Photography for allowing me to use her precious newborn photos!

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  1. This post is awesome Amanda. Newborn pics can be a TON of work. This is super helpful. Thank you!

  2. Great tips Amanda. I love these photos! So cute.

  3. Thanks so much Amanda. I’m about to have #4 and thought I would give newborn photography a try. I’m not expecting anything huge (if I can get one good picture I will be stoked!), but all the tips and tricks in relation to the actual photography and editing is perfect timing. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Great tips! I really needed some of these. I have a couple friends who want me to take their newborn pics and I always get so nervous to do them. Pinned it!

  5. Sandy Tracy says:

    Can’t wait for your new baby actions! I already love your baby clean!

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