Newborn Photography Quick Tips & Tricks

Do you see all those adorable newborn pictures and want to give newborn photography a try? Here are some quick tips for working with newborns, plus links to past tutorials on photographing and editing newborn pictures. A few newborn photography tips: Get the space REALLY warm and keep it really quiet Use blankets that do […]

Clean Edit Steps for Newborn Pictures

Pin It I have done a few different “clean edit” tutorials but those were always older children or adults. Often questions are left at the blog or Facebook page about editing newborns, so I thought I would dedicate a post to those precious edits. Note – this edit is going to skip the exposure/contrast/white balance […]

How to Blend Backgrounds in Photoshop Elements {and Photoshop}

Pin It I have been asked repeatedly over the past few months how to blend backgrounds, especially on newborn pictures and this tutorial is my best guess (well, my friend Sandy is the one who gave me the idea back in January, thank you Sandy!). The professional newborn photographers, like Keri Myers, who do such […]

Newborn Photography Tips and Tricks

Disclaimer: I am not a professional newborn photographer, but I have done enough to have learned from many mistakes. Have you taken newborn pictures and found it difficult to get the pose you wanted? Or, did the baby do nothing but fuss and squirm for you? Newborn photography can be challenging to get started with; […]