Using Reflectors to Bounce Flash

Last fall I was asked by my sister to do the bridal portraits her sweet, soon-to-be daughter-in-law. It is a tradition in the South to have bridal portraits shot months before the wedding, and have one or more of the portraits on display at the wedding reception. I have shot one wedding, but never a […]

Gear review | Alienbee B800

written by Beckie of Recently I was asked to take portraits for a Ladies English Tea event at our church. The ladies would be dressing up in their fancy hats and we wanted to do some photobooth style pictures. And I thought it would be fun, so I said “yes”! I knew that my […]

Beginners Guide to External Flash

Pin It Natural light is beautiful and photographers love it, that is a fact. However, there are times when the natural light you have available is not sufficient for what you are trying to capture. That is when having a flash is advantageous. Will any old flash work, like the one built into your camera? […]