Add a Little “Faux Fall” with PSE

This post is by Andrea Thomas of Speechless Photography. Fall is always a busy time for photographers. Everyone wants to take advantage of the beautiful autumn colors and cooler weather, not to mention the timing is perfect for getting a few great shots for the Christmas card. But Mother Nature is fickle and no matter […]

Brushes 101: Using Brushes on Layer Masks

With portrait editing in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, the most effective and non-destructive way to edit is with layers and masks. The layer mask is useless without a brush, so that is what we are going to focus on today. If you are totally unfamiliar with layers and/or masks, please pause here and check out […]

Copying Layer Masks in Photoshop Elements

Pin It I have done many beginner level tutorials lately, but today I am going to tackle a topic that is more intermediate level, but so very easy to do. What makes is intermediate is the concept of layer masks and that those who will are able to utilize this will have to have a […]