How to Photograph a Sunburst

I shared this little trick on capturing sunburst in your images on the Facebook fan page, and decided to share it here for later reference and for those who have sworn off of Facebook. 🙂 Okay, so I went on a short walk with my son the other day, and of course brought along my […]

How ISO and Exposure Affect Noise

There are three parts to the infamous “Exposure Triangle:” ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Today I’m talking about ISO, which is how sensitive to light you are telling your camera to be. The lower the ISO, the less sensitive to light you are telling your camera to be, the higher the ISO, the more sensitive […]

Food Photography Tips {and a pie recipe}

TidyMom’s Candy Bar Cheesecake Post written by me, but all tips, pull-backs and beautiful pictures are from Cheryl, TidyMom. Do you love to cook and bake? Do you love to blog? Maybe you have combined the two and already share your love of creating in the kitchen with your fellow blog friends. Are you including […]