Making Selections in Photoshop {and PSE}

During the month of August the editing focus will be on making selections in Photoshop and PSE. Today’s post only introduces new users to the concept of selections and identifies which tools you can use to make selections in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. If you are new to Photoshop or PSE you may have heard […]

What to do When Your Tools Won’t Work

It happens to everyone – tools that suddenly won’t work. You’re begin to stress out thinking “why isn’t my brush working?” or “why won’t the crop tool work?” I can’t say why they get stuck, but sometimes tools just do. But, do not worry because the solution is easy-as-pie. To reset a tool, or all […]

Take a Moment to Straighten Your Pictures

Did you know I have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting? I like things simple, in order, in a row. Hopefully knowing that little tidbit about me, you understand where I’m coming from with what I am fixing to say. If an image is supposed to be straight – make it straight!! Yes, crooked pictures is […]