Basics of Clipping Masks Part 2

Remember last week’s tutorial on the basics of clipping masks? Today I am taking that concept a step farther and showing the different ways you can create clipping masks and utilize them.

Don't judge; was for example purposes only

There will be no screen prints with this tutorial because our homeschool is back in full swing. Due to a much tighter schedule with homeschooling 7th, 5th and 2nd graders (plus a kindergartener in public school) I am having to cut back on the more time-consuming activities I have been doing and honestly screen prints take a whole lot of time to make, save and upload. So, this is one of many to come video tutorials.

In the tutorial below I show how to:

  • Use shapes of all sorts as clipping masks
  • Use type/text as clipping masks
  • Merge clipping masks together
  • Use brushes to create a clipping mask


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  1. Just so you don’t feel hard on yourself, I actually feel like video tutorials are in many ways more helpful. I wouldn’t feel like you ever need to do all that screen print nonsense. Just my two cents. Thanks for the tutorial!


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