Syncing White Balance With Gray Card in Adobe Camera Raw


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We did it! We made it to the last post in the three part series on White Balance. To recap what we have talked about so far (and will talk about today):

Today I am discussing how you can use a gray card in an image to help get a standard, which you will then use in Adobe Camera Raw (or Lightroom) to change your white balance.

First, get a neutral gray card, (or even a sheet of flat white paper if you’re in a pinch), and have the subject hold it, or place it near them. You then take a picture of them with the card/the card in the scene (if a still life shot), then remove the gray card and continue to shoot in that light.

When you are ready for post processing:

  • Highlight all the images that are in that same light, along with the picture with the gray card
  • Once they are open in ACR click the “Select All” button so that all the image are highlighted
  • Click on the gray dropper to activate it, and click on the gray card and the WB will change on that image as well as the others


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  1. If using a grey card, in camera should WB be set to Auto or the closest preset to the lighting conditions?


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