Create a Bar Watermark in Photoshop {Elements}

Long time no see! Thank you for your patience as I slowly came back to the land of the living. I thought I would ease my way back in with a fairly simple tutorial – how to make a bar watermark.

The steps I am sharing here are the same for Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements, regardless of your version.

The first thing you want to do is resize and sharpen the image for the Internet. After doing that, activate your shape tool – particularly the rectangle shape.

  • In PSE 10-7 and Photoshop CS, you right click on the tool icon in the tool bar and choose the rectangle tool.
  • In PSE 11, you click on the shape icon in the tool bar then in the bottom option menu, click on the rectangle tool (if another shape was used previously).

Check to see what color your foreground color is set to. That is the color on the top of the two box at the bottom of your tool bar. If it is a different color, press ‘d’ on your keyboard to make your colors go back to default black and white. If black is on top, press ‘x’ on your keyboard to make it go to white.

Now, your cursor will be a little cross hair. Click somewhere on the side of the image and drag down or up and across. We are going for a long, narrow rectangle that stretches across the image.

  • If your rectangle doesn’t make it all the way across, you need not redo it. In PSE simply press ‘v’ on your keyboard and click on the end corner and drag across. In Photoshop, press control/command and ‘t’ (for the transform tool) and click on a corner and drag across.


After your rectangle is across the image, lower the layer opacity to suit. I usually go down to around 20-25%.

Now you can type on the image for a watermark, reducing the layer opacity. Or you can create a blank layer and use a watermark brush you made.

Flatten the layers and save your image. Make sure to NOT overwrite the original file. Use a different ending on the file, like ‘edit’ or something.

Below is a short video tutorial showing these steps in PSE 11. If you cannot view the video because you are reading via a blog reader or email, click here to view it at Screencast.

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