Action edit using “New York City” B&W action

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Everyone loves a good black & white! I’m going to show you how I go from a SOOC image (straight-out-of-camera) to a beautiful black & white using the “New York City” action from the Everyday Elements “City Lights B&W” action set.

I don’t normally crop my images (I like to do my best to frame it right in-camera), but sometimes it can’t be avoided. In this instance, no matter what I tried, I could not get rid of that ugly white pipe from the wall behind my daughter.


After I cropped my image, I ran Deep Clean 1 & 2, and did all my little adjustments to the image, and saved it.

I liked the clean edit, but I wanted to add a little bit more to it. I decided to run the “add a haze” action, and I selected the white layer and kept it at the 15% and I also turned on the visibility for the “add contrast back in” layer. Now it was a little too cool so I decided to warm it back up a bit by making my own haze layer with a warm brown color. I did this by adding a new fill layer and chose color #a7653e, and brought the opacity back down to about 11%, and then I saved it.

Next I ran the “New York City” action, and I liked the way it looked so I didn’t make any adjustments to any of the layers.

So, here is the progression from the clean edit to hazy to black & white.

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  1. hey beckie..can you show me the workflow or post process of your artwork…its very nice and am try to try it with my photos just as clean edit you have…am a novice photogs. thanks and merry christmas

    • Thank you! It is actually a very simple workflow! I used the DeepClean 1&2 from the Everyday Elements “Everyday Essentials” action set for PS and PSE!

  2. Thanks, if don’t mind, can you share the action preset of DeepClean 1&2…I use CS6 for post processs which I guess compatible to the application..

  3. I can’t share it but it is available for purchase on this website! 🙂 And yes, it will work just fine in CS6.

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