Free Green Grass Action for Photoshop {and Elements}

Earlier this week I did a tutorial on how to make grass greener, and a natural progression from that is an action to make the process fast and easy. Today I bring you Green Grass, a free action that works in Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements (versions 6 thru 10). There are two layers to […]

A creative action edit by Beckie

this post written by Beckie of I did this edit in CS5 using only Everyday Elements’ actions. I started out this edit first by straightening the horizon. I do my best to do that in camera, but sometimes it just doesn‘t happen quite right. So, the ruler tool, which took me ages to find […]

Add Directional Light with Gradual Light Action

There are times when photographing subjects that the light is just not what you want or need, leaving one side of the image darker than suits you. In Lightroom, the graduated filter can quickly fix that but there isn’t anything like that available in Photoshop Elements (or Photoshop, but there is a grad filter in […]

Create a Dreamy Effect in Photoshop {Elements}

A fun and simple effect you can apply to your pictures is a dreamy, ethereal look. In addition to the tutorial on how to do it  yourself, I am giving you a free action to use, called Make Dreamy, so read through to the end to see how to download it. Okay, first things first […]