How to See Camera Settings in Photoshop {Elements}

Once you have been dabbling in photography for a bit, you will eventually look at a picture on your computer and think “Now, what was my ISO¬† for that picture?”or “What aperture did I use to take that?” When you take a picture with a digital camera, you can instantly look back at the LCD […]

Are Your Pictures Really What They Seem?

When you look at your LCD screen are you feeling good about what you see? Hopefully so, but there are times when that little preview may not be telling you the truth. Today at Life Your Way I am sharing a recent a-ha (more like boo-hoo) moment I had a couple of weeks ago while […]

White Balance Camera Settings

Ever take a picture and it comes out looking orange, gray or blue? Well, the problem was with the white balance you used when taking the picture. White balance is often something people either don’t know to think about or forget to think about. Why is WB something you need to pay attention to when […]