DSLR Lens Care {and a giveaway}

I have written many a photography and editing tutorial, but never one regarding the very equipment that helps us get those beloved pictures. So, I thought I would dedicate a couple of posts to some hardware basics. (I am tackling lenses first because I have goodies that I’ve been dying to give away and cannot […]

Everyday Photography and Editing Workshop {live}

On April 30th I am pushing my family out of the house for the day to open it up to 10 enthusiastic photographers who want to learn the ins-and-outs of shooting in manual, practice on a couple of models then download those pictures and learn some serious editing in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. The […]

Newborn Photography Tips and Tricks

Disclaimer: I am not a professional newborn photographer, but I have done enough to have learned from many mistakes. Have you taken newborn pictures and found it difficult to get the pose you wanted? Or, did the baby do nothing but fuss and squirm for you? Newborn photography can be challenging to get started with; […]

Rock the Shot! New Forum For Photographers

  I am so excited to announce the grand opening of Rock the Shot, a new forum for enthusiastic photographers!! The reason I am so excited is because one of my good friends, Laura Thomas from Pretty Presets, is one of the co-founders. This forum is going to help you ROCK your photography and editing […]

Photography Tutorial – Look For The Light

Light is a BIG concept in photography, and one that I cannot tackle completely in one post. Instead, I will do a few mini-tutorials on it and see if my haphazard knowledge of light is helpful to anyone else. 😉 A lot of people ask me about light, how to get or find great light […]

Love That Shot Link Up – Sept 30

My sweet friends at Love That Shot have outdone themselves this time. Not only have they created an amazing photography/editing/scrapbooking site and forum board, but they have started hosting awesome giveaways and a weekly picture-link up party. Well, this week their link up party gets even more enjoyable because the pictures linked up will be […]

Photography: Rock What You Have!

This post was moved over from Photography Haven. I know you have to have been told this before, so why am I preaching it here? Well, because it is advice that is so often ignored. Everyday I read about someone upgrading their camera or editing software because their old ones did not give them the […]

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing – Take a Walk

Are you in a slump? Feel like your pictures are the same things all the time? Not inspired by anything lately? I have the solution: take a walk. A photo walk that is. Whether on your own or with other photog enthusiasts, a photo walk can really help you out of those camera slumps that […]

Logos and Branding

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