Making the best of your cell-phone camera!

Have you ever thought to yourself “I should’ve brought my big camera.”? I know I have!! But who goes anywhere these days without their cell phone? Here are a few tips to make the best out of your cell phone camera! While I love simple snapshots, I also like to get creative with my iPhone! […]

Gear Review | The Nifty Fifty

  written by Beckie of Today’s review is about the fabulous little Nifty Fifty! This lens is a gem! It’s small, fast, and incredibly sharp! (priced between $289 used -$329 new) When I was shooting with my D90 (and before I got my 60mm) this lens was on my camera 99% of the time! […]

The Newest Photographer in My Family

Yes, I am shamelessly showing off my 8 year old’s photography. These pictures, plus more that like them in different settings, were taken by Georgia with her Canon Elph 100 camera, and uploaded to my computer using her new Eye-Fi memory card. I’ve seen her pictures of her Breyer horses and knew she had a […]

A Different Perspective

Last week I did my second in-person private with the sweet and lovely Susan. Needless to say, we had a blast and eat/drank/slept photography and had a thoroughly grand time. To give her a break of my four crazy kids, I took her to the big town of Saluda for a photo walk of our […]

Beginners Guide to External Flash

Pin It Natural light is beautiful and photographers love it, that is a fact. However, there are times when the natural light you have available is not sufficient for what you are trying to capture. That is when having a flash is advantageous. Will any old flash work, like the one built into your camera? […]

The Benefits of Joining a Photography Forum {and TWO Special Free Workshops}

When I was new to photography, I struggled for months to really understand my camera. I felt alone with my photography journey, and honestly didn’t grow very much those first six months. However, when I discovered the world of photography forums, a whole new world opened up for me. After joining a forum I learned […]

Syncing White Balance With Gray Card in Adobe Camera Raw

  Special Announcements! Everyday Elements is going to be undergoing some “remodeling” later this week and certain pages may not be available at various times. By next week all should be well again, so just hang tight. Also, Everyday Basics 123, a brand new set of actions for beginners with PSE and/or Photoshop, will be […]

White Balance Camera Settings

Ever take a picture and it comes out looking orange, gray or blue? Well, the problem was with the white balance you used when taking the picture. White balance is often something people either don’t know to think about or forget to think about. Why is WB something you need to pay attention to when […]

How to Achieve Better Focus and Sharper Images

Focus, focus, focus. That is an important word in the photography world, isn’t it? Those first starting out with a DSLR do not realize that there is way more to focus than putting the viewfinder to their eye and taking the picture. Oh boy, it is so much more than that. But, where to start? […]

How to Use Noiseware to Reduce Noise

Noise – what the heck is it? Noise is the digital graininess images sometimes have. How does noise get on the pictures? There are two main ways to cause noise: Using a high ISO (although new cameras can handle higher ISOs better than older cameras) Underexposing a picture will introduce noise to the image, despite […]