When Actions Will Not Load in PSE

Thanks to the handy-dandy Actions panel is in Photoshop Elements 11 and 12, installing actions no longer has to be a complicated and frustrating task. However, if you are a PSE user who upgraded from an older version, you may prefer using actions through the Photo Effects panel because the thumbnails are easier to read […]

Brushes 101 {New Series}

Brushes 101 Series This week I am starting a new series of tutorials dedicated to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements brushes. Since many readers of this blog are new to PS/PSE, I am going to start at brand-new-beginner level and slowly get more in-depth. This first post in the series is to announce the topic and […]

Photoshop Elements 10

Welcome to the all NEW and majorly improved Everyday Elements! Once everything is settled, I will do a post giving a little tour, showing what has changed, where to find what you need. To celebrate Everyday Elements new site, I am giving away a copy of Photoshop Elements 10! I bought version 10 the day […]