PSE From Scratch Quick Start Guide

PSE From Scratch Quick Start Guide $10 Are you brand new to Photoshop Elements and have been overwhelmed trying to learn what you can/should be doing with it? I have created a “quick start” guide to help you understand the two sides of PSE – Organizer and Full Edit, plus give you instructions on how […]

Favorite How-To Book for Photoshop Elements

I get asked a LOT about which book to buy for help with Photoshop Elements. I know most people start with Scott Kelby’s books, however, his books are not at the top of my list. At the beginning of my PSE journey, I started with Scott’s book (for PSE 7), but I suffered through many […]

PSE/PS Brushes, Shapes and Patterns

Here are some great places for free or affordable brushes, shapes and patterns: Brush King Free Obsidian Dawn PSD Tuts