Free PSE & PS Video Tutorials

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These are general public video tutorials.

If you are an Everyday Elements workshop attendee and looking for the private videos, please check your Welcome Letter for the link to your class’s private page.

To view to video tutorials, simply click on the name of the tutorial and you will be taken to The screen may be white at first, but give it a moment to load. If you have questions, please ask them on my FB fan page (see link in sidebar).

If you would like to see written tutorials, click  HERE.

Internet/Blogging Video Tutorials:

Photo Editing in PSE (applicable to CS# also):

Photo Editing in CS5:

Resizing and Watermarking

PSE Technical Tutorials:

Organizer Tutorials:


Collages/Storyboards/Digital Scrapbooking:

CoffeeShop Actions Video Tutorials: Just starting to do these. Check back daily for more.

Please note – the actions shown below are NOT my actions. They were created by Rita at Coffeeshop. I am merely showing how to use them.