What Colors Are You Seeing? Color Management and Web Browsers

Yesterday I did a post on focus and shared a picture of a photographer friend of mine. On my screen, both in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements, her skin color looked great. No issues. Put that picture in the post and went on down the road. In the evening I decided to download Google Chrome and […]

Change Color of Clothes With Hue and Saturation Adjustment

Pin It Have you ever wanted to change the color of the clothes you had on in a picture, maybe to match or compliment the clothes of other people in the picture? Or, maybe, like me, to match the colors of your business branding? 😉 I was making my new business card last week, in […]

Photoshop Tutorial: The Basics of Curves

Pin It For over a year I have been teaching Photoshop Elements via online workshops. In late August it will be a year that I have been writing tutorials for PSE here at Everyday Elements. Not once have I written a tutorial for Photoshop (although I have done video tutorials for it), but that is […]