How to Brighten Shadows in Photoshop Elements

A recent question I was asked on Facebook was how to brighten shadows in a picture. I thought that would make for a great blog tutorial, so here we go! I am tackling the shadow issue from two directions – a jpg image and a raw image. JPG Images: As always with Photoshop and Photoshop […]

Enhancing Eye Color in Photoshop {Elements}

Ever take a picture of someone who has beautiful blue or green eyes, yet when you look at the picture in Photoshop or Elements, the eyes seem a little dreary and lacking the color they have in real life? Today I am going to show you how one adjustment layer in Photoshop or PSE can […]

Enhancing Sunsets and Landscapes

A few weeks ago my friend Jenn from SuperJenn, emailed me and asked if I could give her some suggestions on how to edit a landscape shot she had captured. After seeing the image, I knew right away what I would do – emphasize the dreamy mist and beautiful sunset. Jenn loved the edit and […]

Enhancing Eyes in Photoshop CS6 and PSE

Today we are talking about the eyes – “the window to the soul.” You want the eyes to really stand out, for the catchlights to shine, so the eyes will come alive! Here are six easy steps to enhance the eyes and eye area in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Please note that 100% of these […]

Levels to the Rescue…

Pin It Yes, I am once again talking about Levels. Why? Well, first of all because I l.o.v.e. Levels and second of all because it’s a message that cannot be shared enough. Just so we are all on the same page: I start every single edit (in PSE or Photoshop) with a Levels adjustment. Levels […]

Simple Color Pop in Photoshop

Pin It One request I see so often on message boards is how to get a good “color pop.” Many people enjoy bold, rich colors in their photos and often feel the only to get them with with actions. While actions can certainly make it easier to create the effect, the steps to make it […]

Step by Step Clean Edit Tutorial {with picture for practice}

Rock the Shot, a wonderful photography forum, has asked me back again to provide a lesson on clean editing. I decided to teach a few of the ways Levels can be a blessing to your workflow, and five of the seven edits are done with just Levels! To see the tutorial, with video, and download […]

Enhance Eyes in Photoshop Elements

Pin It Today I am going to show you how you can brighten, define and sharpen eyes in just one layer. Often I have each step be a different layer but if you are in a hurry or you don’t care to keep each step separate, doing it on one layer is perfectly okay. First […]

How to Make Photos Look Vintage in Photoshop and PSE

Pin It A very popular style for images is the vintage or retro look and I have had many people ask how they can do that on their own, so I thought a short tutorial would be helpful. I am just giving three basic steps that  you can add other adjustments or effects on top […]

Photoshop Tutorial: The Basics of Curves

Pin It For over a year I have been teaching Photoshop Elements via online workshops. In late August it will be a year that I have been writing tutorials for PSE here at Everyday Elements. Not once have I written a tutorial for Photoshop (although I have done video tutorials for it), but that is […]