Using the gradient tool to lighten up your image

written by Beckie of Today I want to show you how to lighten up an image using the gradient tool (I will be using CS5, but I do believe you would use the same steps in PSE#). (the image below is not mine, but I was given permission to use it without credit by […]

Still Life Photography Tips and Tricks Part 2

The following post is by Kelly Newbury of Fine Art Prints by Kelly Newbury. Welcome to part two of the still life photography post. In part one I talked about how to set up and capture a still life photo (for fine art). After I have the pictures I want, I view them in PSE […]

Simple Color Pop in Photoshop

Pin It One request I see so often on message boards is how to get a good “color pop.” Many people enjoy bold, rich colors in their photos and often feel the only to get them with with actions. While actions can certainly make it easier to create the effect, the steps to make it […]

How to Make a Vignette in Photoshop or PSE

I remember when I was first trying to learn Photoshop Elements and I wanted to make a vignette. I hunted high and low in Scott Kelby’s book, looked online, tried to follow various tutorials and was left just wanting to cry. I finally found a tutorial in Kelby’s book that was what I wanted (but […]

Use Screen or Multiply Blend Modes to Lighten or Darken Images

Ever want a quick (and healthy for your image) way to lighten or darken your pictures? Using an empty adjustment layer and the screen or multiply blend modes may be all you need. For the more intermediate PSE/PS user, you may be doing a duplicate copy (control +j) and changing the blend mode, but this […]

How to Use Textures and Photo Veils to Enhance an Image

It’s Friday, and for me, that usually means Fix It Friday time! Each Friday I Heart Faces shares a picture that you can edit any way you like, then link up at their site and go visit others to see how they edited the same image. Here are my preliminary steps: Level’s adjustment, pulling the […]

Using Gradients in Photoshop Elements

I love, love, love Gradient Map and Gradient adjustment layers in Photoshop Elements (and regular PS)! You can create subtle or dramatic color and temperature changes with them, and I often use them in my actions and general work flow. So I thought I would share how to create your own gradients and how to […]