Fix It Friday {with textures}

Remember in my review of Florabella’s recent texture set (and giveaway) that I said I used to be seriously addicted to textures, but that I had learned moderation? Well, that new set I have in my hands has made me fall off the texture-wagon. With today’s I Heart Faces Fix It Friday image, I new […]

Simple Edit Steps in Photoshop Elements -Fix It Friday

I am thrilled that I Heart Faces has started their Fix It Friday back up, and this week they haven given us a beautiful photo to edit! Below is the straight-out-of-the-camera (SOOC) image they provided. Note: All my edits were done in Photoshop Element 9 The picture is really lovely and only had a few […]

Photo Editing With I Heart Faces

It’s Friday again, which for many in the online photog world means Fix It Friday time with I Heart Faces. This week’s image was provided by a friend of mine, Michelle Johnson of Love That Shot. She did a great job taking the shot and as with all pictures that are “right” coming from the […]

Free PSE Template Giveaway and Fix It Friday 10.29.10

Friday, so it is time to edit a picture given to us at I Heart Faces. This week was a good one, a challenge. This image had some serious White Balance issues and a few color casts to get rid of. Below is the SOOC image they gave us and then my final entry. All […]

How to Use Textures and Photo Veils to Enhance an Image

It’s Friday, and for me, that usually means Fix It Friday time! Each Friday I Heart Faces shares a picture that you can edit any way you like, then link up at their site and go visit others to see how they edited the same image. Here are my preliminary steps: Level’s adjustment, pulling the […]

Fix It Friday #73

I love this week’s Fix It Friday! Kelli, a fellow South Carolinian and I Heart Faces contributor, provided this sweet picture of her beautiful daughter. It was a great picture, SOOC, and needed very little real help. To do a clean edit I used Photoshop Elements 9 and did a few Levels adjustments, a Hue/Saturation […]