How to Use Eyelash Brushes in Photoshop {Elements}

Let me start this tutorial with a disclaimer: these brushes are NOT a necessity. I am not saying that everyone should use them on all pictures of women. These are useful at times and just plain fun at other times. That said, let the fun begin. 😉 Have you ever take a picture of a […]

Creating Textures in Photoshop Elements

Ever wonder how the beautiful textures you see in the photography world are made? Some are pictures of actual textures like rust on a building, or wood from a barn, linen from a dress, etc. Others are just a compilation of brushes and colors, blend modes and more. My post today addresses the later approach. […]

Installing Custom Brushes in Photoshop Elements

Once you have settled into using Photoshop Elements, you will eventually want to start creating new things like cards, textures, watermarks, blog graphics, etc. A wonderful tool to use when doing that is a custom brush. Today’s tutorial walks you through how to download, save and load custom brushes. The steps shown below are from […]